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July 2012 Blog Posts (53)

BankMuscat extends support to Gulf Sports Media Association

BankMuscat, the flagship financial institution in the Sultanate, has extended support to Gulf Sports Media Association hosting its annual gathering from July 15 to 18 in Salalah. Leading sports journalists from the Gulf region are attending the event being held as part of Salalah Tourism Festival. The Gulf Sports Media Association is meeting in Oman for the second time. The activities during the 4-day event include a media seminar which will discuss important aspects relating to Arab…


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Sharjah Islamic Bank launches 'Mehnati' training program

Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) launched on Sunday 'Mehnati' Training Program for the seventh consecutive year with the participation of 15 students from UAE colleges and universities as part of the summer training program 2012.

Mehnati is a short- term program provided for all …


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Nawras ready to spread happiness across the Sultanate with 8th annual Goodwill Journey

Nawras, Oman's customer friendly communications provider, is working around the clock as final preparations are underway for the eighth annual Goodwill Journey.

Two teams of volunteers are getting ready to travel thousands of kilometres over a 10-day period, to visit those attending and…


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Wataniya Telecom announces its CSR Program for the Holy Month of Ramadan

In an effort to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan by nurturing the community spirit, and to contribute to past CSR initiatives, Wataniya Telecom launches its CSR program for Ramadan. The program includes a wide range of charitable activities, sponsorship of different events and organization of health and sports initiatives.…


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CSR, In and Beyond Ramadan

The season of Ramadan is echoing within the Muslim world, with preparations reaching the kitchen all the way through to the spiritual state of mind. It is a time that promotes good works and increasing in ones attempts to be a better person. With that, a similar spirit of increasing positivity must continue to radiate even beyond this month. I have utilized my agency IMPACT CSR Solutions to accomplish just that: long term results. IMPACT CSR Solutions stands as a…


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"البنك العربي" يتبنى حزمة من المبادرات الداخلية والخارجية لترشيد استهلاك الطاقة

في ظل الأوضاع الاقتصادية الصعبة التي يعانيها الأردنيون من شرائح مختلفة؛ خصوصا ذوي الدخل المحدود، ومع استمرار التأثيرات السلبية لظاهرتي البطالة والفقر على المجتمع، تظهر جلياً أهمية برامج المسؤولية الاجتماعية لشركات القطاع الخاص التي تنفذها منفردة أو بالشراكة مع القطاع العام، خصوصاً أن هذا المفهوم نشأ أصلاً لملامسة وتغطية احتياجات المجتمعات المحلية ومشاركة الشركات لهموم الناس ومشاكلهم.

وعلى الشركات أن لا تتبنّى برامج المسؤولية الاجتماعية للمجتمع وكأنها عبء عليها، بل يجب أن تنظر…


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UAE begins to switch on to energy efficiency

Companies and organisations are starting to use simple measures such as switching off air conditioning and lights at the end of the working day to save power.

Some of the measures include keeping the air-conditioning thermostats at 24°C or above, and installing energy-efficient light bulbs. Others include optimising the operation of chillers and lifts.

However, these voluntary initiatives are yet to make an impact on overall energy trends. Demand for electricity in Abu Dhabi,…


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VIVA honors excelling high school students

VIVA, Kuwait's advanced mobile telecommunications service provider, honored the top ten high school students who achieved outstanding results in the final examinations this year.

VIVA congratulated the students and is proud of the efforts they have put forth to succeed and excel in this year's…


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Tomooh is introduced to Lebanon's students by Pepsico

Pepsico concluded its tour of rural areas in Lebanon to launch the educational empowerment program Tomooh. The Tomooh tour covered Hermel, Zghorta, Bsharre, Koura and Batroun and was attended by more than 60 schools and university representatives including MPs and teacher's syndicate representatives.…


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برامج المسؤولية الاجتماعية: الأداء والتقييم

عامر الحسيني

من الجميل أن يكون الحديث عن المسؤولية الاجتماعية للشركاتCSR العاملة في المملكة دائما على طاولة النقاش المجتمعي. فهذا الأمر يبعث رسالة لقطاع الأعمال بأن أفراد المجتمع يتطلعون للمساهمة الاجتماعية من هذه الشركات في تحقيق التنمية المستدامة التي يهدف لها المجتمع وتهدف لها الحكومة، ويجب أن تسعى لها الشركات.

ونظرا لحداثة هذا المصطلح على السوق المحلية كاستراتيجية تستخدمها الشركات في رعاية وتطوير المجتمع المحلي، يظل تقييم هذه…


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UAE students catch environment bug after summer course

Aseel Ahmad plans to design an environmentally sustainable office. Malak El Husseiny now turns the tap off when she brushes her teeth.

Both are among the students from around the region who yesterday completed the British University in Dubai's first sustainability summer school programme.

Changes the five-day course has prompted in students range from professional ambitions to personal habits.

Aseel, 20, is an interior design student at Ajman University. She…


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Investing for social impact reaps more than financial returns, says Al Tamimi

For Al Tamimi Investments (ATI), channelling its private capital for social benefit is reaping more than financial returns for its businesses.

ATI was founded in 2006 by Emirati business leader Essam Al Tamimi and Rachael Wunsch, an accomplished venture capitalist from Australia. Using personal capital gained from the success of his law firm Al Tamimi & Company, ATI sought to invest in businesses that would enrich and bring value to the UAE community.

Although ATI did not…


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UDC sponsoring QF students consultancy project

United Development Company (UDC) has sponsored a Consultancy Project by Qatar Foundation students aiming to empower young minds in the fields of business and innovation.

Participating students included VCU Qatar design majors and engineering majors from Texas A&M University in Qatar. Each consultancy group was tasked to create a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign for The Pearl-Qatar following a thorough presentation of the project model, as well as the…


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DUBAL initiatives save considerable energy volumes

The energy conservation efforts at Dubai Aluminium 'DUBAL' — the wholly state-owned corporation that operates a one million metric tonne per annum primary aluminium smelter, the world's largest using pre-bake anode technology — continue to achieve good results. A member of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy 'DSCE', DUBAL has implemented the directives issued to all DSCE member…


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BMI Bank extends support towards Al Sanabel with a donation of BD 5,000

 Bahraini retail and commercial banking institution, BMI Bank today donated an amount of BD 5,000 to the Al Sanabel Orphans Care Center (Al Sanabel) as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.
The donation was handed over by Eyad Sater the Bank’s General Manager – Support Services toYousif Abdullah, member of the Board of Trustees and Head of Public Relations- Al Sanabeland AbduljalilAli, member…

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Saudi- AWAL inks cooperation agreement with DSCA

AWAL IT Services, an IT service provider, recently signed a cooperation agreement with Down Syndrome Charitable Association (DSCA), to provide a range of technical and logistic services to support the various activities of the association and contribute to its success. 

Professor Suzanne bint Salman Al-Ghanim, secretary-general of DSCA, and Abdul Rahman Obeid, marketing director at AWAL, inked the deal.

New studies indicate that the number of…


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NBK Receives AUK Communication Students

As part of its corporate social responsibility, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) arranged a field trip at its Head Office for Mass Communication Students at the American University of Kuwait (AUK). The visit aimed to introduce the students to the day-to-day duties of NBK’s Public Relations department. Manal Al Mattar, NBK Public Relations Executive Manager said: “The purpose of the field trip is to introduce the students to NBK’s PR department and the professional services it provides in…


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Get the specialists in for carbon footprint management

Carbon footprint, one of the most talked about topics in business nowadays. is the measurement of the total greenhouse gas emissions generated directly or indirectly by a property, an organisation or an individual.

The UAE had been ranked among the countries with the highest emissions per capita, especially after studies noted a 25 per cent increase in overall carbon output between 2006 and 2008 as well as a 20 percent increase in per capita emissions.

Another study compiled by…


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Msheireb Properties hosts work experience training with Bedaya Center

Msheireb Properties, Qatar's leading real estate developer, is organizing a 'Two-day Experience' programme for the high school and university students, in a partnership between the company's Future Affiliate Club and the Bedaya Center.

The programme provides local youth with an opportunity to…


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Dubai Chamber newsletter celebrates World Environment Day

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Centre for Responsible Business-published second newsletter of the year, CSR Al Youm, celebrates the World Environment Day under the theme: Green Economy and takes a look at the green economy concept and the process of transition and its link between the environment, job creation and poverty reduction.…


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