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Wataniya Telecom announces its CSR Program for the Holy Month of Ramadan

In an effort to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan by nurturing the community spirit, and to contribute to past CSR initiatives, Wataniya Telecom launches its CSR program for Ramadan. The program includes a wide range of charitable activities, sponsorship of different events and organization of health and sports initiatives.

Just like in the past, Wataniya will distribute Iftar meals daily for those who are in need throughout the entire month of Ramadan. Wataniya is also sponsoring the production of Quran CD that includes Sourat Al-Baqara by Sheikh Fahad Al-Kanderi, to be distributed across all Wataniya branches. 

During the period of August 6-9, Wataniya will sponsor two events organized by Bayt Lothan; one is the Ghabqa for the elderly people with special needs, and the other event is the Gergaian celebration for orphan children. The Wataniya team will also organize a visit to interact and show support to children that are patients at Amiri Hospital, by giving them Gergaian goodie bags. 

In mid-Ramadan, Wataniya will participate in two activities conducted by the Ministry of Defense; a football tournament and a Gergaian gathering, during which Wataniya will be handing out giveaways to winners. The company will also sponsor the Embassies Football Tournament organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs throughout the whole month, and is an official sponsor of Al-Sharhan Football Tournament. 

Part of Wataniya's Ramadan CSR schedule also includes a gold sponsorship of "Basmati Kuwaitiya" exhibition organized to support young entrepreneurs and small business which will be held at Sheraton Hotel Kuwait. 

On the occasion, Abdulaziz Fakhroo, Deputy CEO at Wataniya Telecom extends his warm greetings on the holy month of Ramadan, wishing that it would be a peaceful and forgiving month for everyone. Fakhroo further commented: "We are pleased to announce the launch of our CSR initiative for the holy month of Ramadan. It is not the first time that Wataniya hosts such sponsorships and events given its strong commitment to foster initiatives every year which nurture community bonds and reflect the good spirit of Ramadan; this is one of our duties towards the society." 

Fakhroo also said: "The Ramadan CSR program is mainly developed to reach all members of the community along with different segments and age groups." "It emphasizes on the spirit of generosity and kindness by distribution of Iftar meals and Quran CDs to the less fortunate, celebrating with orphans and sick children, visiting the elderly and people with special needs and supporting young entrepreneurs, all of which are important activities during the holy month. Wataniya is keen to develop future initiatives and community events which lead to development and growth of our society through its Corporate Social Responsibility Program."

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