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Delivering the Main Purpose of the Business to the Right Addresses

Delivering the packages to the right addresses at the right time would be two main expectations of a customer from a logistics company.  The Arab-based leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions company, Aramex goes beyond the expectations and maintains a consistent framework for the planning, execution, monitoring, reporting and ongoing improvement of the efforts towards sustainability through innovative CSR initiatives.

Aramex has a strong belief in stakeholder communication and sees the CSR initiatives as the strategic social investment of the company for today and future. Acting responsibly towards all stakeholders — customers, business partners, shareholders, people, communities, and the environment — has been an important perspective and approach since the early days of the company. As one of the first companies in the region, Aramex continuously releases comprehensive Sustainability Reports since 2006. Aramex released the first Carbon Footprint Report, in line with its long-term strategy to environmental sustainability in 2010. (http://goo.gl/3McNC) At the same time aramex.org web portal has been used as the social communication channel for CSR and Sustainability issues, where stakeholders can reach anytime. (http://goo.gl/UWdvo)

Aramex, focuses on following topics in their CSR efforts for supporting the development of the communities; Education & Youth, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Community Development, Emergency Relief, Sports, Environment. Support program to develop local students at Nareshwadi Learning Center in India Bombay is one of the various educational supports of the company. (http://goo.gl/b7BGh) Beside those programs, green champions program, battery operated scooters to be used in their operation, LEED silver certification efforts would be counted as many of environmental initiatives of Aramex. At the forefront of Aramex’s efforts towards community development has been its cofounding and long-standing support of Ruwwad, a regional initiative led by the private sector that empowers disadvantaged communities to overcome marginalization through youth activism, civic engagement, and education. (http://goo.gl/XA0Zy) Aramex have been involved in deploying their teams to the tsunami that happened in Sri Lanka, and the Pakistani earthquake which happened a few years back. (http://goo.gl/eCWqo) Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) and Aramex, entered into a collaboration for quicker disaster response in North Africa, Middle East and other parts of the world. (http://goo.gl/CPPjT)

Aramex has restructured their customer management teams in 2010, aiming to fulfill customer needs more effectively. Company has introduced new innovative channels (as mobile applications, twitter tracking system, etc) in order to ease the access and communication of the customers to the related departments at the company. Aramex’s customer service efforts were recognized by the Middle East Call Center Awards. (http://goo.gl/rlg7L)

Community Initiatives and Customer Services are not the only areas where Aramex makes good scores in their CSR efforts. Aramex is one the most successful Middle Eastern companies having a world standard corporate governance structure. Company has been listed on the Dubai Financial Market and is the first Arab-based international company to trade its shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange. (http://goo.gl/GC3Rq) Corporate governance standards at Aramex comply with the regional and international needs and requirements.

Aramex employs more than 8,600 people in over 310 locations around the globe. Company invests in their people and believes the sustainable future depends on the employees. Gender equality, employee development and improvement, involvement of the employees in CSR initiatives are couple of the topics, Aramex focuses on. Through a partnership with INJAZ, employees actively delivered numerous programs to universities and schools in Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain, Lebanon and Jordan. As part of a similar effort in Jordan, employees created ‘Erada’ in cooperation with Ruwwad, to rebuild children’s schools. (http://goo.gl/j81YV) Activities related to health and safety management are in line with OHSAS 180012 standards, which are considered amongst the best guiding principles globally. (http://goo.gl/40GEk)

Aramex is a young Middle Eastern company working on global expansions and aims to strengthen their position as one of the top global logistics and transportation companies through innovative solutions and services along with their strategic CSR initiatives by delivering the main purpose of the business to the right addresses globally.

Dr. Fatih Mehmet GUL is the Founding Director of CSR Middle East and Country Manager for Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives. Dr. Gul is on the prestigious list of "2011 TOP 100 THOUGHT LEADERS in Europe and the Middle East". Follow Dr. Fatih Mehmet GUL on twitter @drfameg

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