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The season of Ramadan is echoing within the Muslim world, with preparations reaching the kitchen all the way through to the spiritual state of mind. It is a time that promotes good works and increasing in ones attempts to be a better person. With that, a similar spirit of increasing positivity must continue to radiate even beyond this month. I have utilized my agency IMPACT CSR Solutions to accomplish just that: long term results. IMPACT CSR Solutions stands as a pillar within the community being the only company within the region dedicated to refining sports through CSR; promoting the very same principles that the ‘Month of Blessings’ encourage.


I have spent numerous years studying; understanding, creating and implementing programs created to build awareness focused around our social needs in order to directly affect lives in some way, shape or form. It has become a passion more than just a career as I have come to realize that the CSR mentality coincides almost exactly with the values that we see most world religions emphasize. The core principles all endorse a high standard of values in our lives and society as a whole. However, leading such endeavors requires one to adopt a selfless attitude. With that being said, there’s no arguing that giving a little of ourselves remains a hurdle, as time seems to not allow for such, somehow it becomes a chore or a task that rears the bottom of the list. Many, if not all don’t intend to neglect such but it happens – such is life. It is these shortcomings of our natural disposition that inspire me reach out in the month of Ramadan - a time when we strive to make ‘giving’ the top of our “to do list”. I propose a broader view of the concept of giving that can easily be masked by simply having fun!


As a sports CSR expert I clearly see a co-relation between CSR and the Ramadan spirit of giving. CSR initiatives are vastly different than that of charity, yet at the same time they are strongly connected. Being the month of Ramadan the opportunity is upon us to unite and encourage one initiative to the other. Charity is about giving and CSR is about creating a win-win partnership within the community through the game of football (sports). Essentially, the spirit of giving falls under the category of CSR hence the connection. We are all responsible for various components within the realms of our lives, be it our personal lives or professional lives but can sometimes find ourselves lacking without the appropriate source of motivation. I encourage taking the steps towards a CSR mentality by starting from a place that you love most; where I am from that is almost always football! Supporting one another towards good is the most effective means of remaining consistent and successful in any endeavor for change. I believe we must all play our part by benefiting the community and in the processes having fun with our favorite football stars. Therefore it will be nothing short of a ‘win-win situation’!


The month of Ramadan for many is a corner stone for individual resolutions, be it stopping bad habits or increasing in doing good works. Thus, engaging in meaningful CSR initiatives for the community breeds lasting results, arguably more than that of charity given once a year. I urge everyone to give themselves the gift of giving by understanding, relating, supporting and participating in the initiatives towards good that surround the community.


Dalal Al Dossary 

Founder of IMPACT CSR Solutions & CSR-P

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