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Msheireb Properties hosts work experience training with Bedaya Center

Msheireb Properties, Qatar's leading real estate developer, is organizing a 'Two-day Experience' programme for the high school and university students, in a partnership between the company's Future Affiliate Club and the Bedaya Center.

The programme provides local youth with an opportunity to explore and experience various professions available at the company, and reflects Msheireb Properties' ongoing commitment to social responsibility and the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Divided into groups, the High School and University students visit various offices and departments at Msheireb Properties, including the company headquarters at Tornado Tower, Msheireb Enrichment Centre, Msheireb Downtown Doha site and project offices.

As part of the '2-Day Experience' each student gets an opportunity to spend two days at the Msheireb Properties office where they receive guidance from experts in various departments on future career options, and help them make an informed decision on their college major.

"Msheireb Properties recognises Qatar's youth as a key stakeholder in the decisions shaping the future sustainable development of cities and the conservation of natural resources. By joining hands with Bedaya Center we are helping youngsters make more informed choices about their careers and gain awareness about different professions and career options. The 'Two-Day Experience' programme gives local youth a valuable head-start in their career planning," said Maryam Al-Mansoori, Human Resources Director, Msheireb Properties.

The initiative provides students first-hand experience of the activities carried out by Msheireb Properties departments. By participating in the 'Two Day Experience' programme, students are exposed to the responsibilities of employees in a modern and demanding work setting.

Also members of Future Affiliate Club, the youth are provided with a live simulation on how is it to be working in certain professional fields through what is offered at Msheireb Properties.
"The visit to the offices of Msheireb Properties was a great learning experience for me. It helped me get a bigger picture of professional life," said Saoud Al-Ansari, a student.

Another student, Haya Al-Kaab, said: "It was fascinating to see so many complex tasks being handled systematically and efficiently. I realised the importance of proper planning and execution as a result of this programme."
Set up in 2009, Msheireb Properties' Future Affiliates Club membership offers school students and undergraduates a range of academic and professional guidance, including work experience and mentoring by company personnel. It also supports the students with research projects and career advice as well as opportunities to take part in various events and competitions.

"The hands-on experience is designed to provide students with a medium to explore diverse available professions, instead of a few popularly known ones. It helps the students channelize their interest to a profession that might not be as commonly known, but can be equally rewarding; so they can build a bright and strong future linked to the success of the country," said Maryam Al-Mansoori.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Msheireb Properties aims to reach out students and inspire them by meaningfully engaging youth and inculcating in their minds the importance of building green equity.

Bedaya Center, a career guidance and entrepreneurship development centre, provides a range of youth services, training programmes and activities each month to help youngsters achieve career goals, develop skills and encourage entrepreneurial spirit.

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