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VIVA honors excelling high school students

VIVA, Kuwait's advanced mobile telecommunications service provider, honored the top ten high school students who achieved outstanding results in the final examinations this year.

VIVA congratulated the students and is proud of the efforts they have put forth to succeed and excel in this year's examinations. VIVA strongly believes in the importance of education and its vital role in society and the future of Kuwait, and is always keen to honor excellence and outstanding achievement. VIVA has invited the top ten graduating high school students to recognize and reward their outstanding achievement and encourage their continued excellence.

As part of VIVA's continuous efforts towards corporate social responsibility, the company always strives to encourage successful individuals who will make a difference for a more prosperous Kuwait. VIVA focuses on the importance of supporting the ambitions of the new generations throughout its various activities and invites all institutions and members of the Kuwaiti society to work together to achieve this goal.

VIVA always strives to share with the students their success and continues to encourage them to pursue their education and seek more success and progress as they are the future of Kuwait and the foundation of its prosperity and development.

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