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DUBAL initiatives save considerable energy volumes

The energy conservation efforts at Dubai Aluminium 'DUBAL' — the wholly state-owned corporation that operates a one million metric tonne per annum primary aluminium smelter, the world's largest using pre-bake anode technology — continue to achieve good results. A member of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy 'DSCE', DUBAL has implemented the directives issued to all DSCE member companies in April 2011 to minimize energy consumption in fulfilment of the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030.

In the first nine months of implementing the directives (April to December 2011), DUBAL saved 6,942,760 kWh. A further 4,458,316 kWh has been saved in the first six months of this year (January to June 2012), bringing the total savings over the 15-month period to 11,401,076 kWh, which as reduced CO2 emissions at DUBAL by 5,701 metric tonnes.

DUBAL's Tayeb Al Awadhi (Vice President: Power & Desalination) says that the four 'quick wins' for energy conservation identified by the DSCE are proving effective at DUBAL. "We have fully implemented the directive to set air-conditioning thermostats to 24°C during working hours and 27°C outside working hours; as well the directive to turn off all non-essential lights after working hours. We are also on track to achieve the third directive, namely to change to energy efficient lighting, where our internal target is to complete 50% of the changeover by the end of 2013. Overall, we are well placed to achieve total energy-savings of 22,317,240 kWh per year by 2013."

The DSCE directives complement DUBAL's ongoing efforts to minimize the power consumption of its operations. For example, the extremely energy-intensive process to reduce alumina to primary aluminium is continually being enhanced so as to be more energy efficient. The energy consumption in the potlines of 14.71 MWh/tonne aluminium in 2011 represented a 110,000 MWh savings over the 14.82 MWh/tonne aluminium recorded in 2010. The company has implemented numerous energy-savings projects over the years while others are being considered for implementation in the near-term. This approach reflects the energy-conscious culture that DUBAL, which is encouraged through targeted communications using appropriate channels - including a dedicated category in DUBAL's well-established Suggestion Scheme.

"At DUBAL, being energy-conscious is a vital component of our corporate responsibility. By lowering DUBAL's power consumption, we can help minimize the rate of resource depletion; while simultaneously reducing the levels of greenhouse and other gases emitted to the atmosphere," explains Al Awadhi. "It's also an operating imperative for long-term sustainability. Given the high cost of energy worldwide, reducing our consumption of this major resource is key to maintaining DUBAL's competitiveness in the global aluminium industry."

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