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Tomooh is introduced to Lebanon's students by Pepsico

Pepsico concluded its tour of rural areas in Lebanon to launch the educational empowerment program Tomooh. The Tomooh tour covered Hermel, Zghorta, Bsharre, Koura and Batroun and was attended by more than 60 schools and university representatives including MPs and teacher's syndicate representatives.

Pepsico aims to connect directly with key opinion leaders particularly school principals and university directors to spread the word about Tomooh and facilitate the delivery of applications to deserving students. 

Mr. Marwan Estaitieh, the general manager for the east Mediterranean and Africa in Pepsico, commented that through the broadening reach of the Tomooh Program: "Pepsico has contributed till today a total of $1,400,000, which have been given in the form of 1300 scholarships to overachieving students who face financial challenges."

"We at Pepsico believe that nothing should impede the educational ambitions of students working for a better future. A key principal to Tomooh is guarantee a fair valuation for the students to verify their educational excellence without any prejudice or discrimination."

The Tomooh programme has evolved gradually and during the past two years has expanded to include special needs students in Lebanon who now benefit from dedicated scholarships. Tomooh's funds now include a 10% share committed to special needs students to encourage them to continue their education and integrate into the best available educational institutions.

During the Tomooh visit to the Hermel area the MP Marwan Fares thanked Pepsico for choosing the town of El-Kaa to organize a presentation for the public and private schools of the region. MP Fares commended Pepsico on its social responsibility and presented it as a role-model to other private companies. MP Fares emphasized the important roles that schools and educational institutions play in progress for the entire region of Hermel, thanking the 35 schools attending the meeting. 

The trip to the north of Lebanon reaching out to the four regions of Zghorta, Koura, Bcharre and Batroun was organized by the teacher's union president of the North Mr. Tony Mahfouz who highlighted on the crucial role that teachers and principals have in providing the Tomooh scholarships to the deserving students, bringing them that opportunity to rise above their financial challenges. 

The visits to all the regions included a detailed presentation of the history, progress and evolution of the program, in addition to a fully fledged explanation of the submission process. 

The Tomooh program was launched by Pepsico in collaboration with the renowned Ajyalouna NGO in 2006 covering all of Lebanon. The aim of the program is to empower deserving students with financial difficulties to continue their path towards greater academic success. 

Tomooh application can be found in Ajyalouna centers as well as in all of Libanpost's 51 branches across Lebanon. Electronically the applications can be downloaded from Tomooharabia.com. The deadline for the 2012 applications is 15 July 2012.

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