CSR Middle East, CSR dedicated platform with 3.555 corporate members in the Middle East.


CSR Middle East Reaches to more than 25.000 Regional and 3 Million Global Audiences

CSR Middle East was established in 2005, since then it has been the regional source and network for the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability in the Middle East.

CSR Middle East covers CSR & Sustainability news and updates from the MENA (Middle East and North African) countries and it has memberships at the press networks. CSR Middle East editors follow regional online - offline media and the social media updates. 

CSR Middle East has currently more than 2250 corporate registered members70 % of the members are from the Middle East region and remaining 30 % of the members are from the other parts of the world. 

40 % of the members are CSR Directors & Managers at the regional companies, 25 % are the CSR consultants, trainers and specialists. The remaining members are the executives at the regional companies.

As per the last Google Analytics Update, CSR Middle East has 15.000 unique visitors  and 85.000 page views per month that statistics shows increase every month. 

Since the first years, CSR Middle East has more than 20.000 e-mail subscribers from the Middle East region, who are periodically updated about the CSR & Sustainability issues in the Middle East region.

Beside that CSR Middle East reaches to another 4.000 audiences through its social media channels. Through those channels, today CSR Middle East is the largest CSR & Sustainability network in the Middle East.

In any CSR related search for the middle east region at search engines, CSR Middle East comes as first page.

CSR Middle East has an agreement with 3BL Media Company, which helps CSR Middle East to go global. Through that partnership, CSR Middle East reaches to more than 3 Million CSR related global audiences.

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