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Dr. Soliman fakeeh Hospital launches the CSR workshop for suppliers

In an effort to increase CSR awareness among the suppliers, Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital (Jeddah, KSA) launches the 1st CSR workshop for suppliers. The workshop conducted at the conference room of Dr. Soliamn Fakeeh Hospital (DSFH) was attended by 100 suppliers from different sectors. Dr. Mazen Fakeeh, the Director General of DSFH opened the the workshop and gave a small speech welcoming the participating companies. Dr. Mazen stressed that this workshop is part of DSFH CSR strategy to extend…


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Community gains by helping families with disabled children

Sure, these days often mean wonderful celebrations and offer us the chance to thank our parents. But for many parents, and particularly for those with children who have disabilities, it is a bittersweet recognition, and a reminder of a financial challenge that they yet have to overcome.

A relative of mine has a son who will…


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متى تلتقي الاستدامة بالتنمية؟

 من قال إننا لا نفهم الاستدامة؟!

نحن جل من فهمها وطبقها بحذافيرها وبكل أوجهها...

بالله عليك، ألم تر كيف يقلل بعض المسؤولين ظهورهم الإعلامي؟ أليس هذا نوعا من أنواع «الترشيد»؟ إحدى مفردات الاستدامة..

ألم تر كيف يقوم المسؤول الجديد بإعادة استخدام أفكار المسؤول القديم بتغليف مختلف؟ أليس هذا «ابتكارًا»؟ إحدى مفردات الاستدامة..

ألم تر كيف يطلق القائمون على المنتديات والملتقيات التوصيات نفسها كل عام؟ أليس هذا «إعادة تدوير»؟ إحدى مفردات الاستدامة..



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المسؤولية الاجتماعية للشركا ت

بعد بحثٍ وعملٍ استغرق أكثر من تسع سنوات، وجدت «المسؤولية الاجتماعية الشركات» جثة هامدة! دفعتني مشاعري في تلك اللحظة للبحث في أشيائها علي أجد ما كنت أبحث عنه في مضمونها وعن أدلة ترشدني لإكمال مسيرتي التنموية. ولحسن حظي وجدت بين الأوراق المتبعثرة «مذكرات المسؤولية الاجتماعية للشركات» فإليكم بعض المقتطفات والتي هي بمثابة أدلة حول هذه الواقعة:…


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5 Steps to Jumpstarting Your CSR Career

On the rare occasions that I have to tell people what I do (rare, because being an expat female in Saudi Arabia, people generally assume I don’t work), it is always tricky. I am still trying to figure out what’s worse; the confusion with “Customer Service Representative” or that barely concealed eye-roll. Despite the eye-rolls and the perplexed stares, I…


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Social responsibility in the UAE should be everyone's pleasure

Last week I had an interesting meeting with the chief executive of a financial company who told me about an upcoming project - an annual fund-raising initiative to give back to Abu Dhabi. It is the company's first initiative of this sort.

I was excited to hear him utter these words. It is true that the UAE is a pioneer when it comes to the amount of money raised for various charitable causes; however, to see organisations willing to shift their focus away from making profit for a…


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معالي المسؤول


هل سبق لك أن رأيت سيارة تمشي في الشوارع من دون عجلات؟ استبعد ذلك، هل سبق لك أن رأيت طائرة تحلق دون أجنحة؟ استبعد ذلك...

هل سبق لك أن رأيت مدرسة دون مدرسين؟ استبعد ذلك...

هل سبق لك أن رأيت نظاما دون منظم؟ استبعد ذلك...

هل سبق لك أن رأيت من يسمع دون أذنين؟ استبعد ذلك...

هل سبق لك أن رأيت رعية دون مسؤول؟ استبعد ذلك...

هل سبق لك أن رأيت متبرعا دون من يحتاج للتبرع؟ استبعد ذلك...

هل سبق لك أن رأيت قطاعا خاصا يستثمر 120 مليار ريال في…


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HSBC Partners with Grameen-Jameel To Support Microfinance Through The Bankers Without Borders Programme in The Middle East

HSBC Bank Middle East Limited (HSBC) has become the first bank in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to join a region-wide volunteer initiative developed by Grameen-Jameel Microfinance Limited (Grameen-Jameel) to support the growth of microfinance among the underprivileged.


HSBC has signed an MOU with Grameen-Jameel to volunteer its employees’ financial, technical and…


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The key to a successful CSR strategy is in the hands of your employees!

Your employees are your key asset and an obvious starting point for CSR efforts. Having an excellent community involvement programme is pointless if your employees are dissatisfied due to poor pay or conditions. Employees rate 'interesting and stimulating work'…


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Saudi Sustainability Stars: A Meeting with Dr. Fatih Mehmet Gul

By Bushra Azhar

Prominent among the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) community in the Middle East are the people who have been involved in various projects in the region over the last couple of years and most of these people, including myself were here to ride the wave when it rose.  Very rarely do we see someone who was spearheading the CSR message…


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لو اعتقدت أن دور القطاع الخاص في المجتمع لا يعنيك... وقف القراءة.

لو اعتقدت أن القطاع الخاص غير معني بخلق فرص عمل ...وقف القراءة.

لو اعتقدت أن القطاع الخاص ليس مجبرا على تنمية كفاءات موظفيه...وقف القراءة .

لو اعتقدت أن القطاع الخاص غير معني بالمحافظة على الموارد الطبيعية وعلى رأسها المياه...وقف القراءة.

لو اعتقدت أن الشركات السعودية لا يهمها أمرك ...وقف القراءة .

لو اعتقدت أن القطاع الخاص غير قادر على محاربة الفساد...وقف…


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We at Lead Up attended the event on the first day only as a Media Partner since we are eager to highlight the players in the region serious about CSR. Social Responsibility starts in schools and with the leaders of tomorrow. They will be the drivers of CSR and do things we cannot even imagine today and leave this world better than they found it when they arrived. Trust us on this one.


First, the stand out presentation was clearly by Fathi Buhazza of Care by Air. Not only does…


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الوصفة السرية


 بعد قراءة مذكرات «المسؤولية الاجتماعية للشركات» ذهبت متشوقة للقاء «استدامة الشركات». كنت أتصور أنها أجنبية جاءتنا من بلاد الغرب، كما أوحت لي سطور المذكرات، ولكن وجدتني جالسة أمامها وهي تتحدث بلهجتنا، مفعمة بالحيوية والأمل والنشاط... ابتسمت، وتأكدت أن مسيرتي التنموية مازالت في بدايتها وبدأت للتو بإحداث الأثر المرجو.

دعوني أخبركم عن هذه الاستدامة... فهي أعلى درجة من التزام القطاع الخاص بالتنمية، حيث لا تقوم الشركة بتبني البرامج الاجتماعية…


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CSR is not corporate philantrophy

It’s hard to find a major company that isn’t talking about, writing about or reporting on how they take their corporate social responsibility seriously. However, many companies make a common mistake of misinterpreting corporate philanthrophy for CSR activities.



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Measuring social impact – “Creating the Future of the Social Edge”

A few years ago, most of the private sector companies, or CSR donors, probably wouldn’t have thought to ask organizations like INJAZ, Emirates Foundation and other non-profit organization in the region, what impact their financial or in-kind contribution will have at the end. They all have social, environmental and economic impacts that have an effect on the broader community.

• How will they know when they have succeeded?

• How should they measure their social…


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Qatar can become world leader in sustainable technology

A leading expert in sustainable engineering has said that even though Qatar has the largest per capita carbon footprint in the world, it has the resources, leadership and vision to become a world leader in sustainable technology. 

Keith Clarke, former chief executive of Atkins, the largest engineering consultancy in the UK, told  Gulf Times that Qatar’s carbon footprint is not surprising given that energy is effectively free, and is located in a region with a…


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Sustainability now firmly on the agenda

Alan Robertson, Special to Gulf News

Despite increased global attention on the need to reduce our carbon footprint, I have often heard that sustainability is not currently regarded as a pressing issue in the real estate markets of the energy-rich Middle East countries. However, there is increasing evidence that this view is now beginning to change among more forward-thinking developers, investors and occupiers who are recognising…


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Top 10 Ways to Use CSR to Motivate Employees

Roy Saunderson wrote below article for Incentive Magazine. You can reach to the original article at the link.

Employees are motivated by corporate social responsibility (CSR). The integration of social,…

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Philanthropy versus social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is neither synonymous with Corporate Philanthropy nor an alternative. In Corporate Philanthropy, corporates donate a certain portion of their profits to charitable causes. In this context, it is perceived as "improper" for corporates to consider receiving any benefit from it.

According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, CSR could be defined as, "the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to…


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