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How CSR is making an impact in the Middle East and North Africa? via BAYT.COM

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) means working for a greater cause. In recent years CSR has gained prominence and support among management. On the other hand, at an individual level, charity and community service is part of the socio-cultural expectation from the average Middle Eastern resident. How far are these efforts successful?

Bayt.com's latest infographic is created from data obtained on the Bayt.com 'Corporate Social Responsibility: Is Your Company Making an Impact?' poll. The poll survey was collected online from June 21 to August 11, with 10,754 respondents covering the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia.


  • 90% of polled professionals feel that the corporate sector in Middle East and North Africa has a moral responsibility towards CSR.
  • Eight in 10 professionals in the region feel that CSR efforts are making a positive impact in the region.
  • 73% of professionals in the region prefer volunteering time and effort, compared to 27% who prefer donating money.
  • 95%of professionals feel it’s important that their company is socially responsible.
  • 88% would favor products and services from a socially-conscious company.

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