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The key to a successful CSR strategy is in the hands of your employees!

Your employees are your key asset and an obvious starting point for CSR efforts. Having an excellent community involvement programme is pointless if your employees are dissatisfied due to poor pay or conditions. Employees rate 'interesting and stimulating work' and 'providing training for all' among the four most important factors influencing job choice along with 'pay' and 'job security'. Enable your employees to reach their full potential and they will help you change the world with your CSR initiatives.

For CSR to become embedded in your business, employee "buy in" is critical. They must believe your CSR efforts are sincere, relevant to the business and accomplished with their efforts. It must be "personal" to the employees. It is important that employees feel their contributions are valued. Welcome ideas from everyone about CSR initiatives. If the company is large enough, set up a CSR team of enthusiastic staff taken from different parts of the business to administer your CSR programme.


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