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Young Inventor Dreams of Qatar the Solar Giant

If Qatar succeeds in its quest to become a leading global sustainability laboratory, Qataris will have inventors likeHashim Al Sada to thank. The 26 year old Qatari, who runs science camps, makes the point that despite its deep reserves of oil and gas, the little peninsula also has more than ample sunshine. And that sunshine can be converted to solar energy, which would help Qatar lower what is now its world leading per capita carbon footprint.

Al Sada has invented a system of solar panels linked to batteries that is robust enough to power a television, lights and a refrigerator for up to two weeks inside the tents in which Qataris often spend vacations and weekends along the emirate’s coast. According to Al Sada:

After 50 to 200 years, when the oil and gas are all finished, we will all have something to give to the world.

For Qatar to reach its goal of carbon neutral stadiums for its hosting of the 2022 World Cup, thefuture of clean energy will be in solar. Tidal and wind power are not realistic options in Qatar, but if battery technology improves and solar panels increase their efficiency, watch for Qatar to become a leader in solar technology, energy independence and innovation. The Middle East may surprise us in ways we cannot even imagine this decade.

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