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Team of Volunteers From Zain Visits Orphans And The Elderly

A team of volunteers from Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, has been visiting nurseries and the orphanage since the start of the holy month of Ramadan, as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility program. 
Waleed Alkhashti, Corporate Communications and Relations Department Manager at Zain said, “Ramadan presents a special occasion for our organization to communicate and interact with people through our social and charitable programs.” 
The visits of Zain’s volunteers intensified especially during the first days of Ramadan when jointly with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, a team of volunteers from Zain visited nurseries, disadvantaged families and the orphanage in Kuwait as part of the organization’s CSR Ramadan program. The visits to many nurseries brought joy to many children and orphans and touched their hearts bringing a smile to the children’s faces. 

The team of volunteers from Zain showed eagerness to visit homes for the elderly too. They expressed willingness to bring joy to the elderly who need greater social networking especially during Ramadan.
Alkhashti said, “Our willingness to be close to all people in Kuwait’s society has brought about our Ramadan program for the elderly, the less privileged families and the children without parents.” 
He added, “Zain will continue to pay such visits to the people with special needs and to those members of society who need our care. Our program for this month is rich in social initiatives such as the distribution of iftar meals in three iftar tents in different parts of Kuwait that provide meals to over 2,000 individuals every day.”
Alkhashti concluded, “Zain’s Ramadan events are part of our growing support for charitable and social-oriented programs. We remain committed to continuously extend our social outreach and charity initiatives.” 

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