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Nuqul Group strategically expands its corporate social responsibility initiative

Nuqul Group signed an agreement with Q-Perspective to mark the launch of the second phase of its community work and corporate social responsibility initiative in the adopted Al-Koura District.

"Our passionate commitment to the adopted Al Koura District has been a major driver encouraging us to seek leap in delivering tangible and long-term impact across different levels and making a difference," Vice Chairman of Nuqul Group, Ghassan Nuqul commented, adding, "Fortunately we identified Q-Perspective as the partner that can help us make the jump in our initiative that was strategically formulated in 2007. In phase one we worked to create a sustainable, measurable and achievable development through partnership with NGOs and calling upon the private sector to join and contribute to the development. This year we will continue with our mission but with Q-perspective elevating the impact of our work to new standards so we may be able to touch more lives."

The partnership entails a 5-year strategic plan to ensure the sustainability of all initiatives along with the establishment of a packaging and labeling center that will support all existing ventures. Community members will also undergo a comprehensive capacity building program to explore new economic and social opportunities.

CEO of Q-Perspective Yazan Majaj, stated, "The packaging center will create jobs, deliver training and most importantly enable the community to take its products to the market to increase the economic return of their hard work. We are thrilled for the opportunity to be part of this journey, so excited that we started work even before signing the agreement. Over the coming 5 years we intend to showcase Al Koura as a good example of social work and unravel the great potential in this beautiful part of Jordan."

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