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Zain launches 'Recycling Cellular Phones' initiative

Zain launched an exhibition in City Mall for recycling cellular phones, stemming from Zain's devotion towards environment and promoting environmental awareness.

This - first of its kind - initiative held by Zain in cooperation with Nokia and Action Mobile offered the opportunity to all who wish to replace their old devices by presenting the devices to a professional team specialized in examining Nokia devices located in City Mall - in the dome near the Food Court -. The team examines the mobile device while Action Mobile team prices the device so that the mobile owner is offered a voucher to buy a mobile from Nokia at a discounted price during this exhibition or to get any of Zain several services, and exchanges the broken mobile devices for a prepaid line. 

Commenting on this initiative, CEO of Zain Jordan, Ahmad Hanandeh said: "This initiative stems from Zain's devotion towards promoting environmental awareness and promoting recycling concepts among Jordanians. This initiative is a part of a series of environmental initiatives launched by Zain due to its strong belief in the significance of preserving the environment as it is one of the main priorities for the Social Responsibility Program." Hanandeh stressed that this event stems from the institutional culture of Zain in preserving the environment through the implementation of internal programs to encourage energy saving and recycling.

Furthermore, 10,000 citizens visited the exhibition and benefited from this initiative, which started on Friday from 3 pm till 10 pm, and on Saturday from 12 pm till 10 pm. The event included many family activities, performances and surprises.

Noteworthy that Zain has launched many sustainable environmental initiatives and projects such as designing ecofriendly scratch cards. On the other hand, Zain adopted "Zain Forest" which is a 120 acres forest in Jerash, planted with trees and turned out to be a model forest, visited by Zain employees. Also, Zain and Jett launched the Paper Recycling Project 2010 in cooperation with Jordan Environment Association, this project targets 80 public schools in order to create the awareness about preserving the environment among students.


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