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Zain launches its first sustainability report for year 2010

Zain, part of the Zain Group, the mobile operator in the Middle East, announced the launch of its first sustainable report for the year 2010. Entitled '15 years of changing the face of Jordan' and launched on the occasion of Zain's 16th year anniversary, the report is the first to be launched by a telecom operator in Jordan and offers a detailed description of the company's performance on financial, environmental and social issues.

It also reflects Zain Jordan's commitment to better sustainability management and work towards increased levels of transparency to our stakeholders, and towards improving our performance in economic, social and environmental aspects.

Zain's CEO Ahmad Al Hanandeh said, "We are proud to be the first telecommunications company to publish a specialized sustainability report which translates Zain's commitment in strengthening its sustainability policies in its core functions."

Al Hanadeh added that the company believes that the concept of sustainability is a responsibility upon all business and governmental institutions.

"The report reflects Zain's positive impact on the national economy, the local environments and society in Jordan. It also captures the company's achievement and sustainability framework that encompasses the close tie between our core values - Heart Belonging and Radiance," said Al Hanandeh, who further noted that it helps provide an overall evaluation of the company's operational standards and policies. 

Zain's sustainability report achieved the level "B" rating in terms of delivery standards as per GRI rating.

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