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'We Owe it To Egypt' campaign leads initiative to renovate and develop Abu El-Reesh Japanese Hospital

'We Owe it to Egypt' foundation initiated a national campaign for the renovation and development of public hospitals and treatment centers following public universities, in the framework of reinforcing its social responsibility through supporting major and persisting issues, topping the list, the elaboration of health and education in Egypt; hence, its efforts to develop public hospitals and treatment centers for their maximum importance in health and education fields.

Through its national campaign, the foundation invites various entities and institutions to participate in the completion of "Abu El Reesh" children's hospital renovation and development project, which will serve as the nucleus of other similar projects, adopted in the future by the foundation.

Derived from its belief in the importance of health and education in the establishment of the Egyptian human being, "We Owe it to Egypt" foundation takes major interest in the creation of exceptional prototypes in both fields, for the aim for generating a positive impact in Egyptian society through offering a clear and powerful institutional system, through which collection and mobilization of the various national resources, take place.

In this context, Mr. Hassan Abdullah, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of "We owe it to Egypt" foundation, accentuated, "the foundation aims at the construction of healthy prototypes according to universal standards in the various children's hospitals in Egypt, relying on a practical experiment which have lasted for years since Arab African International Bank started in 2004, using independent efforts, the "Japanese Abu El Reesh" hospital development project. The bank solely provided financial and non financial support for the hospital in the framework of a cooperation protocol with Cairo University. This experiment proved the possibility of inducing apparent and tangible change taking into consideration, not only participating with financial contributions, but also the need, in essence, for a powerful system and institutional framework supported by a sense of belonging, concern and an attention to detail.

The foundation carries a certain vision to become "the driving force behind achieving a tangible effect and attaining the sustainable development in health and education sectors in Egypt", the foundation exceeds AAIB entity as the role of the bank is limited only to handling the whole administrative expenses for the foundation in order to ensure the direction of all donations and contributions from individuals or companies directly to the on-going projects. 

The foundation program for hospitals carries an apparent tendency, which works on multiple axis, it concentrates on the human element as much it concentrates on infrastructure financing, through consolidating human cadres, whether doctors or nurses, by providing training programs and academic scholarships, offering financial and moral aid for patients, in addition to providing the various medial appliances and equipments.

Concentration on health field is apparent through renovation and development of Abu El Reesh children's hospital, the biggest specialized hospital for children treatment in Egypt as it receives not less than 15 thousand child per month and performs around 1000 operation for children per month. Since the beginning, the goal has been transforming this medical edifice, which serves thousands for free, into a distinguished center for medical service no different than private sector, the foundation started renovating the hospital infra structure, it also signed a protocol with Cairo university to ensure cooperation with the university and the hospital administration.

Mr. Abdullah added, "Our goal from social support is the positive impact in society through effective contribution and the distinction in social work with the same perseverance and seriousness we use in banking sector. Despite our belief that many private sector institutions in Egypt sets CSR as a priority, individualistic efforts, no matter how many and how different, do not achieve what we aspire for; therefore, we hope that "We Owe it to Egypt" foundation provides a framework for the collaboration of institutions community in Egypt in order to unify the goals, the resources and the methods essential for development and achieving the change, which we all work toward."

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