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VIVA Sponsores an Environmental Initiative In Cooperation with Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

Out of the Kuwait Telecommunication Company VIVA Corporate Social Responsibility, and its commitment to enhance the environmental awareness within the Kuwaiti society, VIVA has sponsored the first environmental initiative of its kind in Kuwait under the name (Environment in February). The initiative which took place on the 27th of Feb, coincided with the National Day and Liberation Day, was organized in cooperation with the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.

The initiative, presented by the Institute researcher Dr. Noora Al-Jandal and adapted by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, aims to create a national , state, where all Kuwaitis and residents united for one hour and switched off all lights ,in private and public places, as a symbolic collective gesture to express the desire to save the environment through saving energy and reduce the load on the electric network, and to reflect the people's awareness of the dangers of pollution caused by the carbon dioxide, methane, carbon compounds and flour admissions, in addition to presenting many other activities and programs to protect the environment that covers many aspects, with a creative and innovative social participation, the thing that will result in a much needed environmental awareness.

VIVA would like to take this opportunity to reiterate its commitment towards the development and enrichment of the Kuwaiti community, and hopes that such initiative leads to more public attention and awareness towards protecting Kuwait's environment and natural resources.

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