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UDC is Platinum Sponsor of CSR conference

United Development Company (UDC), one of Qatar’s leading shareholding companies, is Platinum Sponsor of the third Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to be held in Doha next month and organised by the Ministry of Business and Trade.

The third annual Corporate Social Responsibility conference organised by the Ministry of Business and Trade will be held at the Doha Sheraton Hotel on October 3 and 4.

Abdulrahman Khalil Jawhari, Vice President Special Projects at UDC, said it was important for companies operating in Qatar to take their corporate social responsibility obligations seriously.

“This conference will be discussing the vital issue of corporate social responsibility and also make recommendations about ways in which companies in Qatar can work to world standards on this,”said Jawhawi . “UDC put great importance on corporate social responsibility, and the need to fulfill its responsibilities, therefore, the company is sponsoring this conference to be a successful one.”

“We also support all efforts that will increase awareness and disseminate national standards for social responsibility, and make this topic at the forefront of concerns of the public sector and the private sector. To that end, the conference will bring together economic figures and official bodies, to discuss best practices of international and local social responsibility, and to consider how companies in Qatar would apply them.

“With Qatar’s economy the fastest growing in the world, CSR has become more important than ever as companies look for ways to give back to their communities. This conference will discuss the State of Qatar’s policies in relation to CSR and how they relate to companies operating here in Qatar. We are honoured to be linking with the Ministry of business and Trade for the third time to help stage this important event.” As well as hosting expert speakers on CSR from the UN Global Compact network, the World Bank and international and national companies, the annual CSR conference attracts representatives of major national and foreign companies operating within Qatar.

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