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The Arabia CSR Network Helps Meet UAE Vision 2021 Objectives

The Arabia CSR Network (ACSRN) is continuing with its programme of trainings designed to help businesses in the region reach sustainability and meet the objectives outlined in UAE Vision 2021, which aims to balance development with care for the environment. The programs, which take place on April 28-30 and May 19-21, will teach participants how to create sustainability reports using the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) recently launched G4 framework.

“The ability to create accurate sustainability reports is an integral component of ensuring sustainable development in the region, as it is the only way of determining the progress that is so vital for the healthy future of the nation,” said Habiba Al Marashi, Founder, President and CEO, ACSRN. “The UAE government has clearly stated its aims in its UAE Vision 2021; that is to achieve the right balance of economic and social development. The forthcoming ACSRN training programs have been formulated especially to help organisations go a long way in achieving this extremely important objective,” she added.

The G4 guidelines constitute the fourth generation protocol of GRI, with the latest version being launched in the MENA region in Abu Dhabi in January last year. ACSRN is GRI’s first certified training partner in the Arab world and has been instrumental in ensuring that the latest guidelines are disseminated in Arabic. The organisation has formulated its trainings to be relevant for a cross section of industries, including Health and Safety, Building Materials and Construction, Oil and Gas, Hospitality, Transportation, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Government Departments and more. To date, ACSRN has imparted GRI certified trainings to 208 professionals from 126 organizations representing 26 different industries across the MENA region, conducted in Arabic and English

“Sustainability reporting is no longer being seen by businesses as an unnecessary, time-consuming practice with no financial benefit. Instead, organizations have woken up to the fact that their shareholders and the consumers of their services are expecting them to be pro-active and their inaction will ultimately affect their bottom line. We are proud to be leading the way in helping businesses both meet the targets set out by the region’s leadership for sustainable development,” added Al Marashi.

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