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Test results show children learn valuable lessons from Porsche Kids Driving School

Test results in Dubai have spotlighted the effectiveness of the Porsche Kids Driving School (PKDS) in raising children's awareness of road rules, traffic signs and overall road safety.

More than 2,000 five to eight-year-olds took part in the PKDS programme organised by Porsche Centre Dubai, Al Nabooda Automobiles, when it visited a mix of eight Arabic and English schools in Dubai last November and December.

In a post-event evaluation carried out at the participating schools in the two months after the visits, 95% of 487 children who took the test passed it by answering questions on road safety and road signs, while 58% passed with full marks.

"The test was designed to assess how much information the students had retained and understood from the programme, and the results are impressive," said Vijay Rao, General Manager, Porsche Centre Dubai, Al Nabooda Automobiles, who launched the PKDS initiative.

Rao said, "They show how effective the programme is in making young children understand and remember basic road rules."

"The Porsche Kids Driving School works on the basis that children in this age group are quick learners and that an enjoyable learning experience - which they tell us this is - can 
build lasting awareness," Rao added.

School heads and teachers have already given top marks to the programme, saying the plan to build lasting awareness of road rules among young children is a vital part of their education, and can influence parents, as well as future drivers.

In response to the test results, Chris McDermott, Principal and CEO at Jumeirah Primary School which hosted one of the PKDS visits, said, "I am delighted to read the results of the post-event evaluation test."

McDermott said, "Not only do the results show that the children learnt from their experiences, but they are a strong indicator that they were engaged in what was going on. This was precisely my experience when I observed the children from my school, taking part in the activities."

Using specially trained instructors, the PKDS programme switches between the classroom and an outdoor mini track where children "drive" Porsche pedal cars and face traffic lights, road signs and zebra crossings.

"The Porsche Kids Driving School is one of our corporate social responsibility initiatives and the ultimate goal of the programme is to make better drivers for tomorrow," said Vijay Rao. "We intend taking it to more schools in Dubai and the Northern Emirates this year, and in the years ahead."

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