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Siemens in Saudi Arabia launches Corniche cleaning drive to help preserve Jeddah's beach habitat

During the presence of Siemens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for over 80 years, it has continuously and actively contributed together with its local partner E.A. Juffali and Brothers in the development of the country's infrastructure, in fields of industry, energy, infrastructure and cities and healthcare.

Siemens, and out of its commitment to contribute to the society, as part of its Caring Hands program, has launched a series of Corporate Social Responsibility activities. These activities were commenced with the Jeddah Corniche clean up drive.

The activity was conducted by 30 members of the Siemens Saudi Arabia top Management team lead by its CEO Mr. Arja Talakar. The team collected litter from the Corniche and surrounding areas in an effort to help to preserve the beach habitat and beauty of the city of Jeddah.

"At Siemens we believe that good corporate citizenship is essential, and we encourage our people to become involved in local projects and community service activities, which are in line with our technological superior environmental portfolio which represents half of Siemens' annual business," Mr. Talakar commented.

Head of Business Development and Communications of Siemens Saudi Arabia, Mr. Ghassan Khalil, added, "It is indeed a great privilege for us to organize this Corniche cleaning drive as a responsible corporate citizen, a value deeply rooted into the essence of our company." 

Siemens global program, Caring Hands, provides socio-economic support to the community. The program includes volunteerism, social giving and disaster relief as well as providing the company and its employees a platform for citizenship and outreach initiatives.

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