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Shell committed to road safety and CSR projects

Management, employees, and stakeholders in Shell Development Oman reiterated their commitment to the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects and discussed how to improve them at a workshop on Wednesday.

As Shell continues its commitment to CSR, the participants also stressed the need for it to keep Omani and Islamic values, focus on youth and engage them more, and integrate CSR into education and society more.

“CSR is a way for Shell to share its experience with Omani society,” said Muna Al Shukaili, social investment adviser for Shell. Al Shukaili provided participants at the workshop with an overview of Shell’s current CSR project, which are many. The main areas of focus include training for employment, training for development, and road safety. Other areas include programmes for low-income families, women, young entrepreneurs, and the environment.

The participants agreed that it’s important for Shell’s CSR to be sustainable, based on community needs, and measurable, among other things. Many of the current projects meet these criteria, Al Shukaili said.

For example, with its training for employment programmes, Shell trains 100-150 young Omanis and secures jobs for them in the company each year. It also has training programmes such as the cashier training for people with disabilities.
“If you visit Carrefour you can find them working now. We’re very proud of them,” Al Shukaili said.

Another successful CSR programme at Shell is the road safety programme, which includes the “Together for an Accident Free Oman” campaign. From schoolchildren to Shell employees, safe driving habits are stressed.

“When I joined Shell I was still texting and talking on my phone when I drove. I don’t do that now, and I’ve told my family how dangerous it is,” said Abdullah Al Jufaili, who worked for Shell for four years.

Participants in the workshop discussed CSR areas upon which perhaps Shell should focus, too. They included road safety, the environment, renewable energy, and research and development.
“In research and development not every company can contribute, but Shell is positioned for that,” said Mohammed Al Harthy.

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