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Savola extends its Bridges to support five social organizations in Jeddah

The Savola Group signed five agreements with leading social organizations in Jeddah where the Group will support key programmes in training, research, and equipping labs and training classes as part of 'Savola Bridges,' the Group's social responsibility umbrella.

The agreements were signed in Savola's headquarters in Jeddah and was attended by the heads of the social organizations Including Al Faisaliah Women's Charity Organization, Jeddah Institute for Speech and Hearing, Albir Society in Jeddah, Children's Ability Programmes (CAP), and Zamzam for Healthcare Volunteering Services as well as key executives from The Savola Group. 

Savola Group Managing Director, Dr. Abdulraouf Mannaa signed the agreements with Al Faisaliah Women's Charity Organization represented by its President HRH Princess Fahda bint Saudi bin Abdulaziz where the Group will fund the education of 10 students for a complete scholastic year. The Savola Group will also support the Jeddah Institute for Speech and Hearing (JISH) to conduct medical and clinical research programmes with aim to develop special speech diagnostic tools; the agreement was signed by Mrs. Sultana Alireza President of JISH. Mr. Waleed Bahamdan, Secretary General of Albir Society signed an agreement with Savola where the Group will equip labs and classrooms to accommodate 60 students in addition to providing computers for staff members in Dar Al Zaharaa and Dar Baghdadiah. The fourth agreement was signed with the General Manager of Children's Ability Programmes (CAP) represented by Mrs. Dina Mohammed Ali Radwan in order to provide rehabilitation sessions for 9 children at an average of 12 sessions per child for 6 months. The final agreement was signed with Zamzam for Healthcare Volunteering Services represented by Mr. Fahad Mohammed Al Zahrani, where Savola will fund purchasing equipment and medical supplies for persons with disabilities. 

On this occasion, Savola Group Managing Director, said, "Savola's support for these social organizations stems from the Group's strategy to take part in these important community initiatives. These programmes have been carefully selected after thorough review and belief of their importance in the benefit and value they bring to the various stakeholders thus achieving a balance between our objectives and serving all sectors of the society."

Dr. Mannaa added, "Stemming from our belief and commitment to play a positive role in the development of our community, these agreements are the beginning of long-term and strategic relationship between the Group and the various social organizations and we will not stop here. This also cannot be possible without cooperation and engagement of all parties to build the nation and positively contribute in its prosperity."

Faten Al Yafi, Senior Executive Director of CSR and PR at The Savola Group, said that the meeting is an embodiment of what The Savola Group aims to achieve, working hand in hand with the various social organizations. This has been Savola's strategy from the beginning which is to serve the community's various sectors in order to achieve sustainable growth.

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