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Savola backs children’s rehabilitation centre

The Savola Group signed an agreement with the Children’s Ability Programs (CAP) in Jeddah to support the rehabilitation for 10 children with disabilities at an average of 11-12 sessions for each child.

The agreement comes as part of the Savola Bridges for social responsibility and was signed at the head office of the Group by Group MD Dr Abdulraouf Mannaa and Laila Ahmad Madani, deputy general manager of CAP on behalf of Dina Mohammed Radwan, CAP general manager.

CAP is a specialised centre providing comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation programs for children with disabilities covering social, psychological, educational, and coaching aspects.

The clinic is licensed by the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia and run by highly experienced specialists and consultants in their respective fields.

Savola’s support of the program last year led to the improvement of the 13 cases it sponsored, where the beneficiaries suffered from attention deficit, cell atrophy, speech delays and brain paralysis.

Dr Mannaa said: “The approval of the CSR Board at Savola to support CAP is in full accordance with our strategy which places great emphasis on disability.  We have worked previously with CAP and it gives me pleasure to sign a new agreement with them cementing our commitment towards the children and building for more engagement and cooperation.”

“These children deserve all the encouragement and support to pave the way ahead for them to achieve their hopes and aspirations and play their part in the community.”

Al Madani said: “We are very happy with Savola’s initiative supporting and rehabilitating persons with disabilities. By providing the right encouragement and support, this segment will be highly capable and effective and an inspiration to the community.”

Savola Bridges includes many corporate social responsibility programs and initiatives.  Its flagship program is Savola’s Center for Empowering Persons with Disabilities (Makeen) which trains and employs persons with disabilities is its strategic initiative for corporate social responsibility stemming from its belief in the program, its value, and impact on the lives of persons with disability.

Most recently, the Savola Group announced the implementation the third phase of Savola’s Center for Empowering Persons with Disabilities (Makeen) which aims at training and employing 200 males and females with disabilities in 2013, providing them with the necessary support to achieve their aspirations and assist them in serving their community.

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