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Sanofi signs agreement with Ensan association to educate diabetic orphans of Ensan's association

Sanofi, a world diversified health care and a leader in diabetes care, signed a special agreement with Ensan association the charity committee for orphans' care; the agreement consists of educating and treating diabetic orphans; the agreement was signed in the association head quarter which is located in Riyadh city.

The signing event includes the setting up of awareness and education courses for widows and orphans in the association on how to deal with diabetes given out by professionals in diabetes management.

Dr. Salah Mousa, the General Manager of Sanofi, commented, "Sanofi's social and humanitarian activities are part of the social responsibility program that the company gives the utmost importance; through creating a specialized work team that follows the needs of the community and plans for charitable events by working with the beneficiaries, what Sanofi provides from therapeutic opportunities for the diabetics children in Ensan is considered nothing but a proof of the company's commitment to its humanitarian responsibility towards the community and individuals with special needs."

While Dr. Saleh bin Abdullah Al Yousef, the General Manager of Ensan, said in a comment about the agreement signed with Sanofi, "Ensan association counts on donations, Zakat and investments from both individuals and business companies in developing its financial resources and achieving its humanitarian mission, and a good example of that is the agreement signed between Sanofi and our association which was presented by Sanofi in support of the children of the diabetics."

The charity committee for orphans care Ensan provides social and physical care and health education for the orphans and the like with special needs, in addition to rehabilitation that will teach them how to make a living and ensure that they will be self-dependent and rely on themselves to face life and be good and productive members in their community.

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