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‘Safety First’ at bank muscat receives overwhelming response

Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, hosted the ‘Safety First’ awareness campaign at its head office.
The Omani motor rally champion and co-founder of ‘Safety First’ Hamed al Wahaibi and tennis player Fatma al Nabhani were present for the event that was hosted as part of the Layali al Khair (Ramadhan evenings) of bank muscat.
The ‘Safety First’ campaign received an excellent response at bank muscat. Fans got an opportunity to click pictures with Hamed and Fatma and get their autographs. ‘Safety First’ forms were distributed to the attendees to sign a pledge promising responsible driving habits and ensuring safety on roads. Attendees were given tips on safe driving and how to stay alert for safe driving, especially during Ramadhan. Due to the month’s need for a change in lifestyle, eating habits and sleeping patterns, the attendees were urged to be more cautious and vigilant at this time.
Rally legend Hamed al Wahaibi gave some facts on road accidents. “Every hour someone is injured in a road accident in Oman; every eight hours someone is killed in a road accident in Oman,” he said to the gathering. To combat this terrible problem, Oman’s national team captain Ali al Habsi and I are joining hands to set up an independent road safety organisation called ‘Safety First’. The response we have been getting throughout Oman has been incredible. More and more people are now taking the pledge to be responsible and drive safely.”
Wahaibi added, “We thank bank muscat for partnering with us to help spread our awareness campaign throughout Muscat and Oman. Reckless speeding accounts for 72 per cent of all accidents. We believe, together, we can reduce it by 50 per cent by the year 2020”.
Fatma said, “The initiative, ‘Safety First’ was started in May 2012, and has been getting an excellent response from the Omani people. I wish to thank the people for their support and, very special thanks to bank muscat for backing this initiative.”
bank muscat has launched and supported several initiatives in the past that aim at spreading awareness about road safety. By supporting ‘Safety First’ campaign it has again reiterated its commitment to the society.
bank muscat is the first Omani bank to establish a full-fledged Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department in Oman.
The bank believes that social responsibility is not merely participation in charitable works and organisation of voluntary campaigns, but a real responsibility towards the all-round development of Omani society.

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