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Rorsted speaks about Henkel Sustainability Strategy

On a recent business trip to Dubai, Henkel CEO Kasper Rorsted met with local business leaders and gave a keynote speech on sustainability at the first Sustainability Summit in Dubai.

In his keynote speech at the Sustainability Summit in Dubai, Kasper Rorsted stressed the importance of a sustainable future and shared with the audience Henkel’s sustainability strategy, citing many successful examples from Henkel’s businesses in the region. As the Henkel CEO explained, the company aims to drive sustainability with three strategic principles: its products, partners and people.

Examples of more sustainable products are, among others, concentrated detergent powders Henkel launched in Egypt, Lebanon and the Gulf Region in 2010 in order to reduce consumption of raw and packaging materials, or external facade insulation systems in Dubai to reduce energy consumption. As an example for initiatives with itspartners, Rorsted spoke about how Henkel together with the hypermarket chain Carrefour is educating school children in Saudi Arabia on sustainability. And Henkel employees in Egypt who helped to clean up the country after the demonstrations in February 2011, scrubbing sidewalks and removing graffiti in the streets of Cairo, serve as an example of the company's people who make the difference through their commitment, creativity, skills and knowledge.

Henkel CEO on tour in Dubai
During his two-day visit, Kasper Rorsted also toured the new headquarters of Henkel’s GCC region to meet with employees, talk with customers and gave interviews to various media.

Dubai as regional headquarters for Middle East region
More than 5,000 employees in 14 countries with 23 production sites – the Middle East region is one of the key growth areas for Henkel. The regional headquarters is situated in Dubai.

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