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Rawabi Holding plans to launch its 5th Talent Exhibit as CSR drives expand in 2014

Rawabi Holding has disclosed plans to launch the fifth Rawabi Talent Exhibit (RTE) this November as part of the company’s sustained efforts to further enhance its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The RTE, held annually, will shed light on a number of career paths available to youth through expert volunteers who serve as role models on account of their successful job story. The exhibit will also host local motivational speakers to inspire the youth by setting an example with their success stories, providing them with clear insights into their future and facilitating the discovery of their hidden potential.

For this year, Rawabi Holding has drawn up a specific objective of achieving, completing and integrating the Group’s CSR programs in several cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With a strong sense of responsibility to the communities in which it operates, the Group, since its founding more than three decades ago, has relentlessly launched community investment programs and has recently focused on enabling the youth and encouraging them to enter the business domain successfully. Rawabi Holding also strives, through its internship program, to develop the talents of college students and strengthen their work-based knowledge.

The Rawabi Talent Exhibit, launched for the fourth year last April, witnessed great success, especially after the development of the “career compass” that introduces users to varying jobs and specialties, and provides them the opportunity to choose the right job which matches their personality.

Last June, Rawabi Holding organized an eight-week internship program for college students. The training helped empower them to enter the job market after graduation.

Rawabi Holding has also launched its annual charitable initiative dubbed “Ramadan Food Drive” which saw 60 baskets filled with nutritious foods distributed to the underprivileged families in Al-Khobar. The drive, which included support from Rawabi Holding employees, aims to strengthen the role of volunteerism toward giving back to the community, thereby increasing the level of voluntarism and promoting the concept of interdependence as laid down in Islam which fosters community involvement through various family visits during the holy month of Ramadan.

Moreover, Rawabi Holding is also organizing its 7th blood donation campaign, giving an opportunity to all its employees to donate blood. This year, the 3-day campaign is being held at the Group’s offices and the Saudi Cancer Association.

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