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Rawabi Holding Group organizes its second 'Pick it up' public cleaning spree

With support from and in collaboration with the AlKhobar District Municipality and Giving Hands Volunteers, including e-support from AlKhobar.net, Rawabi Holding went on a second clean up round on January 24th 2013 as part of a joint and sustained environmental awareness campaign to clean the main roads in the city of AlKhobar involving volunteering Rawabi Holding Employees, students and residents.

Seventy participants showed up to volunteer all eager to keep their environment green.

That number only counts those who could actually come to AlKhobar Cornish.

Rawabi Holding's crew also gave a chance to those who couldn't participate directly on the ground to give a hand from distance by donating their plastic shopping bags so that the volunteers could re-use them in the campaign.

Sheikh Abdul-Aziz bin Ali AlTurki, Group Chairman of Rawabi Holding, expressed his gratitude towards community associations such as Giving Hands who help put in place such activities saying: "When we did our first clean-up we knew that this would start affecting the youth positively only if we sustained it to prove the importance of preserving our environment. If we are to develop our environment and keep it safe we cannot change habits unless we insist on putting them into action."

He added on, "Moreover this can only strengthen a sense of community to reflect the campaign's slogan "one street a time" which cannot be done unless we work as one hand. So let's treat our cities like our homes just like Islam instructed us to."

Khobar District Mayor Eng. Assem Abdullatif AlMulla, pointed out, "such initiatives actually enhance the spirit of volunteering which is much needed in our country. 'Pick it up' reflects on the municipality's direction to both enhance volunteering and preserving our environment."

The volunteers wore branded T-shirts and caps and helped to clean the facilities of AlKhobar Cornish. Corporate Social Responsibility at Rawabi Holding was started when the Group was founded.

Sheikh Abdul-Aziz bin Ali AlTurki saw the importance of supporting the society by founding charity associations and educational programmes through a strategy focused on sustainable development for the local society providing it on one hand with proper skills to empower them for the job market out of faith in their responsibility to support economic development, while linking it on the other hand with modern environmental concerns which only a committed society can tackle.

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