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Rawabi Holding, a company with a social conscience

Rawabi Holding has turned out to be a company with a social conscience. The company has been operating in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East for over thirty years as one of the leading industrial players in the region, having activities in a diverse range of industries such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, engineering and construction, power, telecommunications, IT, corrosion and industrial services and logistics and consumer products.
Over the years, Rawabi Holding has endeavored to conduct its businesses in a responsible, ethical and transparent manner that serves its shareholders and the communities in which it serves. Rawabi Holding has a social conscience, which drives their actions, recognizing that they have a commitment to further the sustainability of the communities, the environment and employees. Examples of Rawabi Holding's commitment to this sustainability include their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs for community investment, corporate community service, social and environmental performance monitoring and their program for youth empowerment, which addresses a particularly pertinent problem in the country today - unemployment.
Taking the initiative to deal with the vital issue of unemployment, Rawabi Holding has pioneered as a part of its youth empowerment program Rawabi Self Discovery Program targeting 16 to 24-year-old Saudis, predominantly in the Eastern Province, who are undecided as to their career path as well as those who lack the tools to discover them.
The Self Discovery Program initiative involved three main initiatives. To highlight potential career paths, an interactive annual talent exhibit was designed to host students from both Saudi and international schools in the area. Experts from different careers are made available to interact with and educate students about other career choices, enabling them to think “outside the box.” The Rawabi Internship initiative was then launched whereby university students were recruited for an 8-week internship program.

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