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RasGas TV ads seek to promote healthy eating

RasGas has announced a new television commercial campaign which will be launched during Ramadan. 
In a series of three animated advertisements, the company’s first ever cartoon commercials use colour, wit and humour to feature a traditional Qatari family who makes simple but smart choices in their daily lives to eat healthier and have more balanced diets.
The advertisements are expected to air on Qatar TV at different times during the day throughout the month of Ramadan. 
With each commercial, the RasGas family encourages people to include fruits, vegetables and natural drinks in their daily diet. 
Scientifically proven facts are subtly and simply woven into the campaign to inform viewers about the nutritional benefits of making healthy choices. 
“Ramadan is a month of social gatherings, charity and reflection. As the holy month approaches, RasGas is keen to show its support for the community and urge people into taking simple steps towards healthier lifestyles. These advertisements serve to remind people that small choices in everyday life can make a big impact on their health,” said Abdulla Hashim, public affairs department manager. 
As part of RasGas’ corporate social responsibility (CSR), the company has dedicated 2012 as its year of health. 
Throughout the year, the CSR programme has developed and implemented initiatives aimed at raising awareness on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle through regular activity and making sound nutrition choices both with its employees and the local community. 
“RasGas’ CSR programme has been very active this year with our year of health campaign and I believe these advertisements reaffirm our commitment to the well-being of the community,” Hashim added.

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