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'QBC Cares' CSR program hosts second annual QBC blood donation campaign in collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation

As part of its CSR pledge towards the community, Qatar Building Company (QBC) held its second annual Blood Donation Campaign yesterday, in partnership with the Blood Donor Unit of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).

Over 100 staff members from over 20 QBC offices, workshops and site locations volunteered to donate.

The mobile medical unit was stationed from 7:30am-3:30pm in the front parking lot of the QBC head office, located on Airport Road in Doha. Health and Safety were top priorities, as each donor was asked a few questions of medical history and underwent a brief screening before being allowed to donate. The environment was kept sterile in compliance with international standards, and up to four patients could be attended to at the same time. Nurses and medical equipment were available for any further aid services. Each donation required approximately 15-20 minutes.

"We fully support this humanitarian effort—'giving the gift of life,' as they say," commented Mr. Ali M. T. Mustafawi, QBC Managing Director. "QBC considers the blood drive as one of many gestures we do to be a pro-active member of our society."

Staff and families were encouraged to come from any and all QBC, QBC sister-company and QBC Joint-Venture company staff and families. HMC confirmed that the pints of blood collected would be used for blood transfusions of all types of patients, including accident and burn victims, premature babies, cancer and transplant candidates, and other critical operations.

"QBC uses the annual blood drive as a platform to spread health awareness of the constant need for blood," adds Mrs. Romy M. Haddad, QBC Public Relations Manager. "This is one of many events under our social responsibility framework of corporate citizenship. We take very seriously our role in the private sector towards community welfare."

Donators were given 'I gave blood' pins as a token of appreciation, and photographs were taken throughout the day at the 'Replenish your Body' refreshments & snacks area.

Those unable to participate in this blood drive may visit the Blood Donor Unit located on the hospital grounds of Hamad Medical Corporation, Sunday-Thursday between 7am and 9pm. 

The three pillars of the "QBC Cares" CSR program include Human Values, Community and Environment.

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