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Qatar Charity,Vodafone in CSR partnership

Qatar Charity in partnership with Vodafone Qatar will on September 20 host at its headquarters the third quarterly gathering of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) community “CSR Majlis in Qatar” under the theme: “Corporate-charity partnership: challenges and opportunities in Qatar”. 
Speaking about the partnership, Vodafone Qatar Corporate Responsibility head and CSR Majlis in Qatar founder Luisa Gentile said: “The CSR Majlis in Qatar is a platform for networking, information sharing and partnering with the goal of strengthening and increasing CSR awareness and practice in Qatar.”
“We have now over 40 organisations from private, non-governmental organisations (NGO) and educational sector actively participating. It is an amazing opportunity that brings together individuals willing to share ideas, work together and seek common solutions. We at Vodafone funded and promoted the idea, but our purpose is to build a self-managed CSR community, where other members can contribute. Therefore, we are very pleased that Qatar Charity stepped up to host the next gathering,” Gentile stated. 
Qatar Charity chief executive officer Yousef bin Rashed al-Kuwari explained that as a leading Qatari NGO, Qatar Charity was honoured to be part of the network and pleased to host its next meeting. 
“Qatar Charity’s engagement with the corporate sector is one of its strongest pillars as we help one other to combine our synergies in order to work for the common good of the local community and human-kind in general. This engagement is a multi-dimensional stream and we hope the CRS Majlis will work to further encourage and develop this initiative,”he said adding: “Qatar Charity is committed to CSR as demonstrated by its co-operation with many private sector companies to implement countless development and relief programmes locally and internationally.” 
To be effective, partnerships between businesses and charities are supposed to be based on mutual benefit.  
Both organisations’ objectives must be understood and a positive relationship based on that understanding must be established.
At the next CSR Majlis, Vodafone and Qatar Charity are inviting local experts from both the corporate and private sectors to express their opinions and view on the challenging topic and discuss how to leverage a mutual beneficial relationship and what are the challenges and the opportunities in Qatar. 
CSR Majlis in Qatar is an informal network open to individuals working for organisations that are genuinely interested and actively engaged in CSR.

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