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Pringles concludes Spread the Smile campaign with great success

Pringles concluded the activities of "Spread the Smile" campaign with a remarkable success shown in the positive outcome of statistics and results rate achieved. Nevertheless, revealing the great response and desirability of many segments of the society during the eight-day campaign. Visitors of the online campaign launched on the social networking site 'Facebook' reached more than 30,000 visitors in just one week.

In addition, the working team succeeded in distributing more than 230,000 encouraging folded brochures to spread the smile in Jeddah and Riyadh and Dammam.

As Mr. Turki Kari Pringles Brand Manager - Saudi Arabia expressed his pleasure with the concrete success made by the campaign and the social interaction by the public throughout the Kingdom said, "We in Pringles always strive to strengthen the channels of communication with the public and to activate many of the posts of effective social, which stem from our policy based on continuous communication with society. To this came the idea of the campaign to publish a smile and boost a culture of smiling and tolerance among members of the community. It is a complement to the strategy pursued by Pringles Social Responsibility Program in the Kingdom and within the framework of the performance of duty towards the local community to provide added value in line with the principles and habits."

It is worth mentioning that the campaign and for the first time in the kingdom has been accompanied by radio campaign designed to attract public attention and invite listeners to participate actively in spreading smiles among people through indicative radio advertisement for 15 seconds broadcast a day at the same time on eight radio stations; (MBC FM, Panorama FM, Alif Alif FM, Rotana FM, Mix FM, Saudi FM, Quran FM and UFM) to ask for the declaration of listeners to smile for those around them to spread smiles among all.

Furthermore, a large number of people declared to the campaign working team their happiness by stating, "This campaign has a value of great moral that reminds us of our indigenous Islamic values, including the deployment of smiling and forgiveness among members of the community. It also indicates the great interest of Pringles towards the community service by placing it in their priorities list.

Mr. Turki concluded saying: "Spread the Smile" campaign was able to prove its successes through interaction with the public across Saudi Arabia since it attracted so many visitors to its front page on 'Facebook', thus we hope to leverage this success and to continue the campaign in the future at frequent intervals throughout the year."

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