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Petromin re-launches product range in easy to use environment friendly containers

Petromin has re-launched its extensive product range in new style containers featuring a vivid modern design that expresses the progressive new phase the company is enjoying as it consolidates its position as the leading manufacturer of engine oil and lubricants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The newly designed containers come at a time when Petromin is expanding its operations in the Saudi market and increasing its presence in regional and international markets.

The new pack designs were revealed at a launch event attended by Petromin associates who were greeted by Eng. Samir Nawar, CEO of Petromin. In his introductory speech, Eng. Nawar said: "The design of the new improved product containers is based on extensive market research and a thorough study of international specifications and standards, resulting in a striking new look consistent with the high quality that characterizes Petromin as the most popular brand of motor oils and lubricants in Saudi Arabia and across the region."

Petromin's new super packs have undergone a comprehensive development process in terms of shape and performance with the aid and expertise of international design specialists. The end result is a dynamic streamlined look and balanced stability for easy pouring without spills. The news containers come in 1 liter, 4 liter and 5 liter sizes and include a scale showing the level of oil remaining inside.

"At Petromin we see ourselves as a bridge linking the modern economy with environmental responsibility and accordingly we have ensured that the new packs are environmentally friendly by consuming the least amount of plastic during the manufacturing phase," added Eng. Nawar.

He went on to note that while the previous pack design has enjoyed twenty years of success since 1992, the time has come for a new look that strengthens Petromin's image as it expands its presence in the local and regional markets.

Eng. Nawar concluded his remarks by stating: "Petromin is proud of its present day success built on a solid base of past achievements and now looks forward, God willing, to implementing its future plans according to the highest standards of ethical business practice. We are passionate about our products and always strive to maintain our competitiveness by continuously improving the high value we deliver to our customers in order to remain as the most popular manufacturer of high-quality petroleum products in the Middle East and North Africa. "

The company's commercial activities cover more than 40 countries in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Far Asia, where it is a strongly established and highly reputed brand. 

Petromin is committed to extending the bridges of communication with all engine oil industry stakeholders and supports its product range with innovative value-added services such as analysis of used oils. This service is characterized by its high reliability and allows the customer to select a schedule for periodic maintenance of the engines they own. Analysis of oils in use increases the efficiency of the lubricants and extends the life of the engine.

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