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Pepsico launches social service programme in cooperation with World Assembly of Muslim youth

PepsiCo has launched an integrated Social Responsibility campaign in partnership with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), through which PepsiCo aims to establish a national presence in the field of humanitarianism as confirmation of its commitment to providing assistance and support for all sectors of society.

The campaign affirms PepsiCo's deep belief in social solidarity and the importance for national companies to participate in the process of social development. 

During the campaign PepsiCo will provide material aid that includes food, beverages, and household appliances for 48 families in need, of which some were affected by the floods that hit Jeddah last year, in order to elevate their standard of living. 

Mr. Omar Farid, General Manager of PepsiCo in the GCC, stated: "This campaign is the start of our continuous cooperation with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth and reflects our mutual agreement in goals, social vision and humanitarian concerns." 

He went on to say that PepsiCo is in the early stages of this programme, which it began by monitoring the living conditions of the families in need: "As a start, PepsiCo's team has interacted with the families and observed their conditions and now, to continue the caring relationship, PepsiCo team members in Jeddah will handle the distribution process so they maintain direct contact with the families." 

Dr. Mohammed Badahdah, General Secretary and Manager of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, stated that: "We responded instantly to PepsiCo's invitation to participate in this caring gesture and assist in the process of identifying the neediest families, since the support methods that PepsiCo follows are in complete harmony with the Assembly's goals and objectives." 

The social initiatives undertaken by PepsiCo represent important steps in its efforts to serve society and meet the expectations of various communities by contributing to the kingdom's social development within the local religious and cultural framework.

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Comment by Laila Elkholy on January 11, 2012 at 4:41pm

 Its great  to have this social initiatives as important steps to serve society and meet expectation of local communities ."PepsiCo has launched an integrated Social Responsibility campaign in partnership with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)"hope to have more initiatives in Egypt

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