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Pepsi-Bugshan feeds up to 6,000 people daily in KSA during Ramadan

In a committed effort to give back to the community in Jeddah, SIPCO - the Saudi-owned bottler of Pepsi and other Pepsico products for western region in Saudi Arabia - is sponsoring up to 6,000 Iftar meals daily.

As part of its corporate social responsibility program, Pepsi-Bugshan has partnered with Jeddah Charity Store (JCS) to provide these meals for the whole duration of the Holy Month of Ramadan. 

Mr Ahmed El Mehelmy, Executive Director, Sales and Marketing of SIPCO, when signing the agreement with JCS, emphasized that having Pepsi-Bugshan sponsoring this campaign and partnering with JCS demonstrated that Pepsi was socially responsible towards its community and underscored the company's caring approach towards the Saudi society in general.

"We are thankful to have a partnership with JCS allowing us to be part of this great humanitarian program. Our aim is to extend our support to all individuals and families in need and help make a difference during a time of special significance, such as Ramadan," said Mr El Mehelmy.

"We are proud to be a responsible Saudi national company associated with JCS's Iftar Saem campaign."

Mr El Mehelmy ascribed the success of SIPCO - recently honored by the makers of Pepsi by being named the Middle East and Africa Bottler of the Year for 2011 - in part due to the loyal support of consumers. He said it was, in turn, therefore a privilege to give back something to SIPCO's loyal consumers.

The Pepsi tents are offering not only hot meals but also Pepsi beverages, including Aquafina water.

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