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OMIFCO to develop integrated social responsibility strategy

Oman India Fertilizer Company (OMIFCO), a front-runner in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is hosting a CSR Forum to further advance its social responsibility programmes.
The forum, focusing on the theme, ‘Partnership and Development’, covers various aspects of CSR. It seeks to evaluate the performance of CSR in economic, social and environmental parameters. Feedback from the community will be reviewed to help the company improve its current and future CSR strategies. The Company has already contracted a specialist to develop an integrated social responsibility strategy.
OMIFCO’s CSR programme includes supporting small projects that provide employment opportunities both to the project owners and other Omanis, directly or indirectly.
The company also works to develop education and human resources through training to reduce the gap between general and university education, leading to the absorption of skilled workers in both the public and private sectors. It accords special importance to all aspects of environment protection and to preserve the cultural heritage of the region whilst improving the standard of living of the community.
OMIFCO is sensitive to the needs of its stakeholders especially those of the host communities, and most of its social investments directly address these needs.
The Company also recognises the importance of protecting the environment while conducting its business and believes that caring for the environment is not only an ethical and legal obligation but also a mechanism for success.
It is committed to conduct its business in a manner that protects the health and safety of its employees and the communities in which it operates.
The aim of the CSR Forum is to play a leading role in making meaningful investments towards addressing the social and economic needs of these communities. One of the objectives of the forum is to help raise awareness about the practice and benefits of CSR in all industries.
It seeks to provide companies with additional incentives by publicizing the benefits of CSR not only to a wider audience of industries, but also the investment and financial communities as well as the citizens and residents of the Sultanate.
The forum will also launch OMIFCO’s CELL program, an initiative to promote young Omani entrepreneurs.

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