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Oman Gas launches beach clean-up campaign

Oman Gas Company (OGC) recently organized a campaign to clean up the beaches of Sohar. This is one of the company's key CSR initiatives, reflecting its commitment to environmental conservation and protection of Oman's coastline from the threat of contamination.

OGC staff volunteered to participate in this activity joined by students and faculty members from Mahboob bin al Raheel Basic School in Sohar. 

"Such periodic efforts by OGC reflect the remarkable level of environmental knowledge and commitment that the company promotes. It also speaks about a rich culture of a company that is striving to spread awareness among different spectrums of society about the dangers of lead pollution and its direct damage to the environment, coastal and marine habitats. Also, the pollution caused by throwing plastic bags and other waste on beaches is a matter of grave concern. Therefore, we decided to clean up these areas to ensure hygiene and to improve the city of Sohar to the highest environmental and health levels", says an OGC volunteer who has been an active participant in this campaign.

Commenting on the effectiveness of this campaign, the principle of the school said: "Such initiatives will instill in the students a culture of volunteerism and a sense of responsibility towards the environmental health of the society. We applaud OGC for launching such a meaningful program and leading by example." 

Oman Gas Company is the main gas transportation company in Oman delivering natural gas to the core economic sectors and major consumers comprising of Domestic, Power and Desalination plants, Fertilizer, Methanol, Petrochemical, Refinery, Steel and Cement plants. Since its establishment in 2000, OGC is making every effort to contribute in the support of the society and its development and provide the best solutions that lead to the maintenance as well as preservation of the environment of the country.

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