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Nuqul Group and INJAZ meet volunteers from Al Koura District

Nuqul Group and INJAZ hosted a meeting for a group of their volunteers who will be conducting INJAZ sessions in the group’s adopted schools in Al Koura. 

At the meeting, the volunteers had the chance to interact with Nuqul Group’s team who has also committed to participate in other programmes with INJAZ. After a presentation on the group’s corporate social responsibility activities in Al Koura, Vice Chairman Ghassan Nuqul said: “We thank you for taking the time to volunteer with us in Al Koura. Nuqul Group believes in the importance of community service and we are confident that your commitment and support will create changes in the district. 

Most importantly, we will be contributing to the empowerment of the students giving them what they need to become active members in their society.” Deema Bibi, chief executive officer of INJAZ, said: “Through our partnership we were able to reach Al Koura District and expand INJAZ achievements in the Kingdom. We aim at maximising the number of beneficiaries in Jordan through empowering them with the needed skills to prepare them to face the market challenges.” After the meeting, volunteers visited two of the group’s factories.

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