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National Bank of Abu Dhabi holds first Sustainability Week

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) launched their first 'Sustainability Week' to highlight, promote, and educate the Bank's staff about living and working sustainably.

Over five days in October, employees were invited to learn about saving power and water, managing their money, keeping fit and healthy as well as sharing their ideas about how to make NBAD a more sustainable bank.

"To be sustainable every part of an organization must work together," said Belinda Scott, the Senior Manager of Sustainability at NBAD. "Sustainability Week is part of our programme to get everyone involved, raise awareness and make sure our colleagues have a chance to share their ideas too."

NBAD was supported by Canon Emirates, who provided 200 innovative solar-powered calculators made from recycled materials for distribution to NBAD staff - encouraging a more sustainable office environment.

82 employees donated blood, during Wellness Day, which also included free health checks, first aid demonstrations and breast cancer awareness sessions with Friends of Cancer.

In addition to the interactive events, the Emirates Wildlife Society in association with WWF (EWS-WWF) panda mascot made a tour of NBAD head office encouraging employees to participate in UAE wildlife conservation.

"Our employees generously adopted 86 stuffed toy turtles, recycled 79 old electronic items and further cash donations, totaling Dhs18,738 which we are pleased to hand over to EWS-WWF to assist their work in safeguarding the marine environment and protecting critically endangered Hawksbill turtles in the Gulf region," said Belinda.

Nicolas Delaunay, Director Business Development and Marketing at EWS-WWF, said, "I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the interest from NBAD employees to help a local environmental NGO. I would like to congratulate NBAD and all their members of staff on the success of the Sustainability Week. It is with such partnership that we are able to continue our work in helping to conserve the UAE's natural environment."

NBAD recently renewed its EWS-WWF Corporate Platinum Membership through which the bank will promote and support EWS-WWF campaigns using its channels to highlight critical environmental issues and promote them to its employees, customers and the public. One such initiative is to encourage NBAD cardholders to contribute their Stars loyalty points to EWS-WWF.

"We are proud to have EWS-WWF as a redemption partner for NBAD Stars," said Navneet Dave, Head of Card Center at NBAD. "Rewards allow our customers to get involved in environmental conservation."

The Bank collaborated with EWS-WWF on Earth Day, World Turtle Day, and Earth Hour.

NBAD is currently listed 6th on the Standard & Poors/Hawkamah Environment Society Governance Pan-Arab Index and aims to be the most Sustainable Arab Bank.

NBAD Stars Reward Points can be collected by using NBAD Credit Cards and are redeemable against a wide variety of products and services, including charitable donations.

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