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Morocco: Delassus helping the community

The Delassus Group makes an important contribution to the communities of the regions where it operates. It launched the Sanady Foundation in order to help its workers’ children succeed at school thanks to the remedial courses that are provided to them. 

“Education is the key to our future success as a country and the cornerstone of our development” says Kacem Bennani Smires, Chairman of Delassus Group and President of Sanady Foundation. 30% of the Moroccan students drop out of primary school, and only 12% graduate. Children from low-income families do not benefit from the best conditions needed to be high achievers. And those who do manage to finish school rarely enter science. Young people who don't graduate from high school are less likely to be able to support their families and less likely to be engaged in civic society. 

“At Delassus Group, we decided to take responsibility for our future and to put education at the top of our ethical agenda.” Says Kacem Bennani Smires. “When Delassus Group decided to start a successful Corporate Social Responsibility programme, the best idea was to help the children of the workers by offering them after-school support”. 

In the first year, 57 children benefited from the support classes. It was noted that both children and parents were supporting the scheme, as it is a win-win project. Thus the initiative was rolled out to all branches within Delassus Group. In 2006 Sanady Foundation was launched. At the same time, many companies and association wished to join this programme. 

Today, the Sanady foundation offers after school tutoring classes to more than 1,800 students. 20 companies have joined the programme. “The work of the Sanady Foundation is guided by three central themes” as says Kacem Bennani smires: 

• “Ensuring that our workers’ children succeed at school and benefit from programmes both educationally and culturally 
• Insuring the sustainability of the Sanady Foundation based on the “enterprise - employee – student” 
• Developing and expanding relationships with NGOs and institutions that could provide educational and / or financial support “ 

The Budget 
More classes are open, less expensive is the cost of the support class per child. Sanady Foundation, offers to the companies, which wish to get involved in projects socially responsible, a ready, a functional and a motivating solution with quick results. 
Today, the cost is as follow. 
• 270€: average tuition for one child covering 1 year support classes 
• 79% of the budget is used for the salary and training of the teachers 
• 21% of it is allocated to the expenditure on administrative management 

When Sanady was launched In 2006, the children of the workers of Delassus Group represented 100% of the beneficiaries. The activities and the way of functioning were a tremendous factor of fundraising. The dynamism of the Foundation snowballed and the number of participants kept increasing in an exponential way. 

• 2100 children benefit from Sanady’s after-school tutoring programme. It is a progression of 48% compared to last year 
• 71% high school diploma achievement compared with 49% National results last year. 
• 96% achievement in primary and middle school 
• Sanady delivered 43,000 hours of support classes during the last 3 years. 
• 110 teachers have been trained so far 
• Sanady operates in 18 schools located in underprivileged areas. 
• 20 companies have joined up so far 
• His Majesty King Mohamed the VI visited one of the Delassus group’ sites in January 2011 and met with the children of Sanady. He was very impressed by the achievements 
• Sanady presented the program to his Highness Prince Charles in May 2011 
• His highness Mr Bruno Joubert, French Ambassador in Morocco visited in March 2011 one of the centres hosting our tutoring 

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