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Memac Ogilvy supports recycling with Resala

Memac Ogilvy, one of the largest Advertising and Public Relations agencies in Egypt, donated most of its used paper, magazines and newspapers to Resala, the Charity non for profit organization, in order to sell it to recycling specialized' companies and donating the return to, orphanages hospitals and the underprivileged.

Ogilvy took this initiative to increase awareness about the importance of recycling in decreasing the amount of garbage and making it possible to use the different resources multiple times. Doing so will help keep the environment clean as well as limit the continuous cutting down of trees and waste of energy.

"We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility and this is why we started by printing on both sides of the paper to decrease our usage. Then, we decided to collect all the paper from the agency's different offices and donate it to be recycled and sold. We really hope that all companies do the same thing in order to save the environment and support our economy," said Tarek Lasheen, Public Relations Head at Memac Ogilvy, Cairo. 

To reflect on the idea, recycling started during the first and Second World War as countries left behind a lot of war waste, and this is why people started to gather the left behind stuff and try to reuse it again and since then recycling became one basic way of dealing with hard wastes for its great benefit to the environment.

Memac Ogilvy will always try hard to keep the environment clean and help in increasing people's awareness about this topic since it's everyone's obligation to work for a cleaner and more advanced country.

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