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McDonald’s UAE Wins Waste Management Award

Corporate social responsibility, sustainability and environmental friendly concepts have now become as essential as profits to companies. Recently, the fast food chain was the first runner up at the Toner Collection Campaign 2014. The environmental award for Waste Management was awarded to McDonalds UAE at the Annual Awarding Ceremony hosted by Emirates Environment Group. “We are very proud that McDonald’s UAE has received this prestigious environmental award. The prize is an affirmation of McDonald’s unwavering commitment towards protecting the environment by incorporating several eco-friendly initiatives. To have been recognized as the number one company for waste management in the United Arab Emirates is a huge honour, especially as it endorses McDonald’s efforts in creating a sustainable future for the region. We see it as our responsibility to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability and to play part in preserving the environment,” Rafic Fakih, Partner and Managing Director of McDonald’s UAE told Saudi Gazette.

Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) recognized other companies in the UAE for their efforts to keep reusable materials away from landfill sites at an Annual Awarding Ceremony. Receiving the award for the second time, McDonald’s UAE hopes to enhance its environmental and fiscal performance. During the celebration of World Environment Day on 5th of June, EEG organized an award ceremony for participants and winners of recycling campaigns and an art competition. Co-founder of EEG, Habiba Al Marashi said that “we are delighted that the world is echoing the essential message of reducing waste through the World Environment Day and we are proud to see our name among the hundreds of entities that are convinced that Sustainable Production, Consumption and After – use is key to a clean, robust and supportive environment in the long run.” She said EEG has been successful during its eight recycling and collection campaigns to on paper, plastic, cans, glass, toners, battery, beverage cartons and mobile phones in 2012.

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