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Al Daud Restaurants LLC (McDonald’s Oman) is proud to facilitate the growth of a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and encourage Omanis to become entrepreneurs.
Ali K Daud, Development Licensee and President of Al Daud Restaurants LLC (McDonald’s Oman), quoted Len Schlesinger, President of Babson College, the leading college in the world on Entrepreneurship, as saying: “The most powerful force of job creation known to man: entrepreneurship”. Daud added, “Giving someone a job is a good thing, but helping someone to become self employed and a creator of jobs is much more powerful.”
Nabil Salim Said al Wadhahi, 32 years old, is a proud Omani entrepreneur whose transport business has been catering to McDonald’s employees since 2010. “I used to work for a local bank before I decided to start up my own transport business with McDonald’s. It was McDonald’s who provided me the opportunity to start up my own business and be an entrepreneur,” he said.
Al Wadhahi recalled: “Back in 2010, I only had a second hand van that was servicing McDonald’s employees. When the company opened up new outlets and hired more people, my transport business started to expand. Thanks to McDonald’s, now I have three Toyota Hi-Ace vans, two of which are brand new. In 2010, I was the only driver, but now I have employed four Omani drivers to help me run my business. I am proud of this opportunity because I am able to help provide a living for myself, my family, my fellow Omani employees and their families.”
He further said: “I am happy and grateful to McDonald’s for helping me establish myself as a businessman. My journey with McDonald’s has provided me certain skills such as learning to speak English, co-ordination and time management. I am very excited about McDonald’s new restaurants this year because it means new business opportunity for me to grow my business further. As McDonald’s continues to grow, I and my own people will also continue to grow.”
“In 2010, we decided to look at our company and see if there are areas in our business that could be outsourced. I am so pleased that it worked out so well. Watching Nabil and his business grow is very gratifying. I hope more opportunities like these will be created by others also,” remarked Ali Daud.


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