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The Mithaq Company for Social Responsibility and the Abraj (Towers) Al-Ola company signed a contract for partnership in social responsibility. The contract was signed at Makkah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Undersecretary of Makkah Governorate Abdul Aziz Al-Khudairy, who is the chairman of Mithaq, said at the signing of the contract that it was within the implementation of a comprehensive plan for the development of Makkah region.

“The plan calls for boosting partnership between the social, academic and media administrations and the private establishments for the development and promotion of the region,” he added.

Al-Khudairy said the signing of the contract on partnership in social responsibility was also aimed at making the citizen a basic factor in the concept of the building of human resources. “Any development that does not balance between the building of human resources and the development of the place is an incomplete one,” he said.

Al-Khudairy made it clear that the concept of social responsibility is no longer limited to big companies but had become common among individuals who displayed this spirit during the flood crises in Jeddah.

He warned that if not properly institutionalized, the voluntary work would not be useful. “We are, therefore, making efforts to present the social responsibility activities as institutionalized work so as to reach all sections of society,” he said.

He explained that the proceeds resulting from the contract will be used to finance the activities of the company in the residential quarters to enlighten those sectors of society about the significance of social responsibility.

Al-Khudairy also said the governorate had a program for the development of the national industries known as “Made in Makkah.”

“The three chambers of Makkah, Jeddah and Taif are working on this program to present the industries of the holy city to pilgrims and visitors,” he said.

The undersecretary also said the program would focus on the development of small manufacturing enterprises with a view to helping them play their natural role in the industry.  “We are also focusing on productive families to build confidence in the 'Made in Makkah' program,” he said, adding that a similar manufacturing project being promoted by the Makkah chamber is called “Made in My Country.”

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