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Mafraq Hospital organizes a workshop on first aid for the staff of Muhammad Bin Al Qassem Elementary School

Mafraq Hospital which is operated by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), organized at its premises a workshop on first aid methods regarding children and students' injuries for the administrative and nursing staff of Muhammad Bin Al Qassem Elementary School.

The workshop was run by Dr. Jihad Awad, Senior Regional Faculty (AHA)/ Disaster Manager Director, Life Support Training, Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi U. A. E.

The workshop aimed at educating the school's teachers and nurses in how to implement first aid for many probable injuries that students regularly get, to avoid further damages to the injured student, which most of the cases face. The trainee expressed their admiration of the information they obtained from the workshop, where they stated that although the school's safety measures are excellent, but accidents cannot be avoided. Hence, the vital importance to act firmly against such accidents through obtaining the professional input of basic first aid practices.

To this end, Dr. Awad commented on the importance of educating individuals of the proper first aid practices, saying: "The Emergency Unit of Mafraq Hospital receive daily numerous cases of injuries that have deteriorated due to malpractice of basic first aid procedures. Proper first aid is vital for such injuries that does not result in saving lives as such, but also may result in avoiding other side effects that occur due to first aid malpractice; especially when injuries are in sensitive places such as the back, the neck or the head."

With respect to targeting schools in this training program, Dr. Awad said: "Students hold the highest rates of falling and fraction injuries due to the nature of the way they play games and their lack of responsibility and focus because of their young age. Such common injuries need to be attended properly via implementing proper and professional first aid procedures before sending them to the ER. Thus, the need for the supervisors of such students to be qualified with professional and proper first aid methods."

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