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A national public health and safety awareness campaign ‘Kulluna’ (All of Us), which is expected to raise public awareness and influence behaviour related to important health issues, with particular emphasis on improving individual and family health, safety and wellness within Qatar was yesterday launched by the Hamad Medical Corporation and ConocoPhillips Qatar. 
The interactive public event initiative will have programmes to be executed over a five year period until 2016 by the HMC’s Hamad International Training Centre (HITC), while ConocoPhillips will provide the funding for the campaign’s activities as well as provide the necessary support for the programme.
Also, a US-based non-government organisation ‘Safe Kids Worldwide,’ will be taking part in the campaign by providing their ‘Child Passenger Safety Technician’ certification course to technicians, care givers, new mothers and family members as well as any interested individual.
The ‘Kulluna’  initiative being held in support of the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the National Development Strategy, will be conducted in close co-operation with different medical institutions and educational establishments.
The first part of the campaign dedicated to children’s safety through a target campaign titled: ‘Keep Us Safe’ will be held between October-December in partnership with Save Kids Worldwide.
Speaking about the campaign at a press conference yesterday, HITC director Dr Khalid Abdulnoor Saifeldeen explained that together with Safe Kids Worldwide, HITC will aim to introduce specific child safety courses, such as the ‘Child Passenger Safety Technician’ certification course.  According to him, the objectives of the campaign include promoting healthier lifestyles; influencing those behaviours that affect the health and safety of everyone in the community through the concept of ensuring precaution, prevention and intervention; creating awareness of existing medical services and facilities offered by HMC; and highlighting the importance of corporate social responsibility.
Target audience for the campaign include the general public across all sectors of the community; community organisations (volunteers, members and parents), schools (teachers, students and parents), universities (teachers, students and parents), clubs (coaches, members and parents) and public sector (employees and their families).
During the campaign, programmes including several topics and medical issues will be addressed through different campaign activities, including health awareness campaign: “Know Your Numbers and Healthy Lifestyle campaign” (blood pressure, glucose, and body mass index as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle to achieve or maintain the right numbers), he mentioned.  
“There will also be a ‘Child Safety Campaign’ to be held in consultation and partnership with Safe Kids Worldwide. A targeted safety campaign and road show will be developed to highlight community and family situations which place children at risk and to recommend systems and processes for reducing those risks, with particular emphasis focused on home and road related injuries,” Dr Saifeldeen noted.
A general health awareness campaign (specific topics) with sub-themes distributed over the four-year programme between 2012-2015 includes injuries and trauma prevention; seasonal issues (heat exhaustion in summer, Ramadan and Haj emergencies); nutrition and food awareness (healthy foods, diabetes, obesity, dental health); healthy hearts– avoiding heart attacks; blood pressure monitoring; stroke risk factors, anti-smoking campaign; respiratory infections/ asthma; well-men and well-women advice and selected screening tests as well as disability, mobility and rehabilitation services and advice.
The campaign’s programme will be conducted using a variety of methods including media awareness and communication campaigns including printed, broadcast, outdoor and social media; road show/awareness stations at HMC facilities, shopping malls, clubs as well as during the National Day and other large events.
Education and training programme (lectures on specific topics as well as basic life support and first aid training) will be held for the general public, governmental institutions, educational institutions (teachers and students) and clubs and organisations.

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